Mentored Hunting Workshops Introduce First Time Hunters to the Hunting Experience

AUSTIN — Just in time for hunting season, the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) is hosting a series of mentored hunting workshops for first time hunters looking to learn how to safely and ethically harvest wild game.  The workshops will take place at Texas State Parks and Wildlife Management Areas (WMAs) throughout the state and participants will have an opportunity to develop the skills needed to be successful in the field and build a foundation for their hunting tradition. These workshops are followed by an actual mentored hunt on the area.

This year, TPWD is offering mentored hunting workshops for feral hog at Abilene State Park, white-tailed deer hunts at Inks Lake State Park, an opportunity to learn waterfowl hunting at Purtis Creek State Park, among others. While most of the mentored hunting workshops are geared toward first time adult hunters, there are also opportunities for youth and adults to hunt together for squirrel at Gus Engeling WMA and for disabled veterans and youth hunters to hunt white-tailed deer at Palo Duro Canyon State Park.

New in 2020 is the opportunity for families to learn the basics of camping while a member of the family also learns to hunt. This mentored hunting and camping family workshop is ideal for groups who would like to develop new outdoor traditions that the whole family can enjoy. Mentored hunting and camping family workshops will be offered at Copper Breaks State Park, Inks Lake State Park and San Angelo State Park.

To apply for a mentored hunting workshop, please register using our Mentored Hunting Workshop Registration form. First time hunters will be selected according to their level of experience and the order in which they submit their application. If you are selected for a workshop, you will be notified by the hunt manager. Mentored hunting workshop applications will be accepted until Sept. 15.

Those interested in learning more about what a mentored hunting workshop is like can follow along with a previous participant’s experience on the TPWD YouTube channel.

Mentored Hunting Workshop Schedule for Palo Duro Canyon State Park (White-tailed Deer)

• Dec. 16-17, 2020: Disabled veteran workshop (50 percent VA rating or above) geared toward first time hunters. 

•Dec. 18-19, 2020: Disabled youth workshop geared towards first time hunters.

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