Altrusa International Of Pampa, Texas, Inc.

Altrusa International of Pampa, Texas, Inc. met February 11, 2020 at Pampa Country Club with Brenda Tucker, president, presiding. Sheila Winton and Kerrick Horton served as greeters. Rhonda Rains, Debra Howell and Rochelle Lacy attended as guests.

The Accent was given by Lisa Crossman who read an article, “If I Had My Life to Live Over” by Erma Bombeck.

Sheila Winton distributed the new club yearbooks.

Kitty Hall was elected to serve on the District Nominating Committee.

Shawna Elliott, Kitty Hall and Pat Johnson were elected to serve as the club Nominating Committee.

Lisa Crossman and Barb Hahn were elected delegates for District Conference. Shawna Elliott, Kim Lancaster, and Ann Franklin will serve as alternate delegates.

Board Actions

The Board accepted with regret the resignation of Kathryn Green.

Kitty Hall and Barb Hahn were assigned the task of reviewing Club Policies.

Members voted to make a $100 donation to the Presbyterian Church for the use of their facility for Days for Girls project.

Committee Reports:

Wilson Reading Project –March 10, 9  a.m.

Lunch with Dignitaries –February 20, Cabot R&D

Days for Girls – March 7, 9  a.m. Presbyterian Church

ASTRA – Members are selling tickets for a car wash. Also, plans are being made for a late Christmas party.


Program Meeting, February 25, 6  p.m., Pampa Country Club

District Conference forms are available for early registration. Members were reminded to make hotel reservations. The conference will be held April 17-19 in Richardson, Texas.

The following members were recognized for celebrating birthdays this month: Lisa Crossman, Laycee Johnson, Ruby Moultrie, and Sheila Winton.

The next meeting will be held Feb. 25, 2020, Pampa Country Club, 6  p.m.

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