City of Pampa statement on COVID-19 from March 25

Gray County local health authority Dr. Kevin Sieck released the following statement:

“I strongly recommend following CDC (Center for Disease Control) and State guidelines on protecting  yourself, your family and other community members. If you need to get out for essentials, practice  social distancing. We are testing people in Pampa and other parts of Gray County. We have capabilities to continue to test in Pampa based on CDC and State guidelines. We do not test  asymptomatic people; specific criteria must be met for testing to be performed. We have zero  confirmed cases of COVID 19 in Pampa/Gray Co. I just encourage you to continue to be diligent in  following CDC, State and local guidelines. Call your provider if you feel sick. They can advise you on  what your next steps should be. Please use the following link to get information, Continue to do your part to protect our community.” 

Once again we remain at level yellow with zero confirmed cases in
Pampa/Gray County. 

Lets continue to all do our part to “flatten the curve.” 

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