Pampa man arrested for deadly conduct related to COVID-19

Jim Marcum was arrested Thursday, April 23 for deadly conduct related to violating COVID-19 quarantine orders.

In a statement to The Pampa News, county attorney Josh Seabourn said the case is under investigation and recommended everyone to continue to follow CDC guidelines:

“I can confirm that Jim Marcum was arrested on Thursday, April 23, 2020, for the Class A Misdemeanor offense of Deadly Conduct.  As for his specific case, I cannot comment further on an open case. 

“Speaking generally, I will say that our local law enforcement officials take all violations of Texas and Federal law seriously. That includes violations of Covid-19 quarantine orders which have been duly and properly ordered. 

“I will also stress that I encourage everyone to continue to follow CDC guidelines and emergency orders as issued by the State, County, and City leadership.”

“I want to stress that I have no desire, nor any plans, to prosecute anyone for violating social distancing, mask orders, etc. I encourage following guidelines, but I don’t want to criminalize people’s own choices. Violating a quarantine order is a different animal entirely.”

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