How blind are you when it comes to your kids?

Notice that I didn’t ask: Are you blind when it comes to your kids? Every parent is blind, just in varying degrees. However, it is a big deal in our service to God to know just how blind we are when it comes to our kids.

Several years ago, as president of a local Little League, I received complaints from several parents who’s children played on the same team. They all said that their team was losing games because the coach showed extreme favoritism to his own son and it cost the team several wins. Now coaches were very hard to find, so I usually sided with the coach. To appease everyone though, I went to watch one of their games.

The parents were right. His son was not a good fielder and his dad had him in the infield at second base. In the game I watched, his son made 5 errors and it cost them a win. After the game I spoke with the coach. “Sorry coach, that was a close game, sorry ya’ll lost.” He thanked me and I added, “It seems like ya’ll have had several close losses; any idea why?” He noted that the team made a lot of errors that gave up runs. I asked, “Any idea where most of those errors come from?” He said that he didn’t know. I then asked, “Is it possible that most of your team errors are made at second base?” That’s what I had promised the team parents that I would do, so I did it. He then looked at me, walked away and we never spoke again. He was a good coach everywhere except when it came to his son; there he was blind.

The Bible is full of examples like this, but none clearer than King David. When it came to his children, the rich wisdom with which he ruled Israel, seemed to vanish.

Nineteen wives and concubines are named in the Scriptures, so David a lot of kids, all had the same father, but different mothers; step-siblings don’t always get along.

One of his sons, Amnon, raped his daughter, Tamar. When David found out he was furious, but did nothing; nothing to punish Amnon and nothing to care for or comfort Tamar, Absalom did that.

Tamar’s brother, Absalom, bided his time, but then had Amnon murdered. David wept bitterly and mourned for Amnon (who had raped his daughter, Tamar), but did nothing to punish Absalom.

Years later, Absalom shamed his father in every private and public way possible and then overthrew his father and stole the throne of Israel. David was blind to everything Absalom did in preparing to steal the throne.

Even when Absalom stole the throne, David did everything he could to protect his evil son by ordering: 2 Samuel 18:5 The king commanded Joab, Abishai and Ittai, “Be gentle with the young man Absalom for my sake.” And all the troops heard the king giving orders concerning Absalom to each of the commanders.

Application: If one of your kids steps far outside of God’s commandments, do you modify the Scriptures to fit your child, so that you can smile and believe that their eternity is fine? Or do you confront your child with his/her sin, so that they can find remorse and repentance?

Learn from David; don’t be blind when it comes to your kids. Don’t lie to yourself in your blindness, that they are OK. Don’t inherit the mess that David did, due to his personal sin and then his blindness. Ask the LORD to give you clarity of sight and understanding when it comes to your kids. That might just save their soul for all eternity. God bless.

Mike Sublett is a pastor at Hi-Land Christian Church, 1615 N. Banks St., Pampa, Texas 79065. Email him at

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