Sir Harvester takes donuts to Pampa Police Department

Miranda Ellis

Sir Harvester, a.k.a Ky Parnell, took donuts from Harvester Donuts to Pampa Police Department on Wednesday morning, June 3.

Parnell said the gesture felt needed.

“It felt needed, after everything going on.”

“I believe they have a lot of stress always, and especially right now,” he said. 

In a Facebook post, Parnell says “...Today I felt the need to go out and do something. So I woke up, brushed my teeth and used the last bit of my money to buy three dozen donuts and give them all to the police station.”

“Sometimes even the small things can do a huge difference, especially in a time like this. Everyone deserves a little bit of love!,” the post goes on to say. 

The Pampa News would like to thank Ky for thinking of the officers at the Pampa Police Department during this time. 

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