The 806 Bicycle Mission

Miranda Ellis

The 806 Bicycle Mission is a community-sponsored project that passes unwanted or discarded bicycles to children in the community who would actively ride them. 

Pampa locals Danny and Ashlee Orand inadvertently started The 806 Bicycle Mission one month ago when they made a post on Facebook asking if anyone had three unwanted bicycles that they would be willing to give away. 

“My wife and I noticed them [kids in the neighborhood] watching our kids ride their bikes, and they didn’t have bikes of their own. So we decided to try and find them some,” said Danny.

“We made a post on Facebook asking if anybody had three bikes for these kids, and we got such a big response that before we knew it, we had around 15 bikes to choose from.

“So we thought, if it’s that easy to get donated bikes- why don’t we start doing that for other kids?

“And so, that’s how it kinda got started,” he said.

The couple made a group on Facebook called The 806 Bicycle Mission and has been coordinating all bicycle donations and give-aways through it. 

“I can’t tell you how many bikes we’ve had donated. Some of them were really nice, some of them were brand new and we have some that are just pretty much for parts.

“We try to take them all. And if we have to take two or three junkers to make one good bike, then that’s what we will do,” Danny said.

When bicycles or parts are donated to The 806 Bicycle Mission, they are stored until they can be fixed, restored or given away. 

“We have probably about six or seven bikes ready [currently],” Danny said.

“We have given 22 bikes away already. We want to get the word out, because we still have plenty to give away,” said Ashlee. 

The couple says that the community is to thank for their generosity and willingness to donate their unwanted bicycles. 

“We haven’t put any of our own money into this. The community has given us everything we needed to make it happen,” Danny said. 

If you would like to donate a bicycle to The 806 Bicycle Mission or see about getting one for your child, please join the group on Facebook.

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