Ameribites food delivery service now available in Pampa

Miranda Ellis

During the last few years, third-party food delivery services have become more popular and available to people who live in the more populated areas of the nation. 

Until now, Pampa residents have had to live vicariously through the social media posts of strangers who have been lucky enough to live in areas where third-party food delivery services bring food straight to their door from restaurants that normally would require putting on shoes and fighting dinner-time traffic to get to.

Thankfully, a company named Ameribites has come to our rescue - giving Pampans the much needed, much wanted and very convenient food delivery service we have all been waiting for. 

As of last week, Ameribites has started delivering food from restaurants such as Fuegos, El Ranchito, New Lampliter Restaurant and more. It couldn’t have come at a better time, given the stay-at-home order that has recently been issued to Gray County residents. 

“We offer a platform for people to place orders with restaurants that don’t normally deliver, says co-owner AJ Mclendon.

“There’s an app and a website that you can go to, which is or you can download the Ameribites app on your phone.”

Once on the website or opening the app, you can view a list of restaurants that the service is currently partnered with in Pampa. 

“If you click on one of those restaurants, their menu will appear [so you can] choose what it is that you’d like to eat. 

“When you go to checkout and pay for the order, that order then [is sent] to a software that actually dispatches [one of] two active drivers that we’ve hired in town who receive the orders.

“Once they (drivers) receive the order, the restaurant has also received the order. We have a tablet in the restaurant so that they [also] see what it is that the customers have ordered. 

“The driver goes to the restaurant to pick up the food. The restaurant then gives the food to the driver, and the driver then drives it to the customer,” says Mclendon. 

“It’s as easy as that. We only take cards, so once you’ve paid for the food and the driver drops it off, you’re good to go.”

Ameribites is currently partnered with five restaurants in Pampa, but is looking to add to the list over time. 

“[So far] We have Finley’s Fountain, Fuegos, El Ranchito and Lampliter. We have talked to almost every restaurant business in town.” says Mclendon. 

Mclendon  says that for now, availability of service from the local restaurants Ameribites is currently partnered with in Pampa will fluctuate depending on adjustments made around COVID-19. 

Ameribites currently employs six drivers in the Pampa area, but plans to hire more as orders increase. 

Drivers are currently being instructed to use hand sanitizer before and after every delivery to ensure the health of themselves and the customers. They are not allowed to touch or handle food, which is protocol even outside of the virus or flu season.

For more information, you can go online to or download the app for free. 

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