Ameribites Website back up and running after maintenance

Ameribites third-party food delivery service opened in Pampa in the second week of April this year and has recently upgraded their website to include more restaurants and to add more functionality for the user. 

“We were down [website] for a few weeks, but we opened back up with more restaurants and Walmart delivery,” said co-owner AJ Mclendon.

The company delivers food from local restaurants that would typically not offer delivery services by ordering through the Ameribites app or website. 

The first five restaurants in town to sign on with Ameribites for delivery were New Lampliter Restaurant, Fuegos, Fire Creek Bar & Grill, Finley’s Fountain and El Ranchito. 

With the update, users can enjoy delivery service from KFC, Little Ceasars, McDonalds, Sonic, Taco Bell, Wendy’s and Walmart. 

If you would like to order food for delivery from one of these restaurants, you can go online to or download the app. 

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