Buried Secrets Paranormal investigates Hughes Building

Miranda Ellis

Buried Secrets Paranormal launched an investigation on the Hughes Building located at 408 W. Kingsmill on Saturday, March 7.

The Hughes Building is a low-rise six-story building with a penthouse and basement that boasts over 113,000 square feet of floor space. It was constucted in 1951 and is the tallest building in Pampa, standing at a little over 85 feet tall.

Although the building is one of the largest in Pampa, it has sat vacant for a number of years.

“The Hughes building has been rumored for many years to be haunted,” said Nathan Withers of Buried Secrets Paranormal.

“There’s been many people that have investigated it, whether it be investigators or just locals. People that have worked there [before the building was vacated] have claimed to see things or have experienced weird phenomena.”

The team typically chooses to investigate places that could possibly host paranormal activity based on tips e-mailed to them and then following up with an interview to see if that lead is worth an investigation. 

At other times, however, a place will catch their eye or give them a feeling, and they will choose to investigate out of their own out of curiosity. 

Withers says that an abandoned building in the right environment can be the perfect formula for paranormal activity.

“You can look at an abandoned building, and it will give you an immediate ‘oh, it’s haunted’ feeling. The Hughes Building gives you that feeling,” said Withers.

“In 2016, we investigated the Hughes building for the first time,” says Withers.

“One of our investigators, Lisa Bellar, had a little night-vision camera and she captured what we call a dancing orb. It was on the top floor and it literally just danced around. 

“We got back to our base camp shortly after that, and [upon review of the footage] this other ball of light was on our DVR system. It shot down the hallway in a straight line, very quickly.”

Although the team captured dancing orbs on film during their first investigation, Withers said he was not willing to call it paranormal activity without more proof or further investigation.

“We’re very skeptical when it comes to orbs and balls of light, because that kind of stuff can be debunked as dust, bugs and natural causes.

“We’re very real and we don’t fake things. We’re about facts. And if I can debunk a tale, or a story, or any kind of reported activity that could be causing something to seem like it’s real and it’s not- I want to.”

Now, four years later, the team has come back to re-investigate the Hughes Building for the final time. 

Before official filming of the second investigation began, Withers and one of his team members decided to do a walkthrough of their own. They decided to start with the basement, as they had heard stories of people experiencing weird or unexplainable things down there.

“We went down there to just observe the atmosphere and do our own little walkthrough in it. 

“Let me tell you, if you’re not used to the darkness or just being in an eerie place, it will challenge you mentally. It will challenge your anxiety, it will challenge everything about you,” said Withers.

Although the visit to the basement made Withers feel uncomfortable and anxious, he said that he and his team member did not find anything unexplainable that night. 

The following Saturday, official filming of the investigation began with more members of the Buried Secrets Paranormal team present. 

“That building has so many bangs and knockings,” Withers said of the experience.

“The wind was the most eerie part because there are certain parts of the building upstairs where there’s busted windows, and the wind for the last couple weeks has been horrible. 

“You could hear that whistling sound of the wind and it was just unnerving.”

Because there is no electricity accessible in some parts of the Hughes Building, Withers said the team used mostly handheld night-vision cameras and sensitive audio-recording devices instead of setting up cameras and audio surveillance devices at fixed angles throughout the building.

“We did it very old school,” said Withers.

Filming took place mostly on the first and fifth floor of the building, and that footage will be aired sometime this year on Amazon Prime and VIDI SPACE.

“[This episode] is going to give Pampa locals just a sneak peek of reality when it comes to the paranormal and what the Hughes Building has to offer- how it looks, the atmosphere,” said Withers.

To learn more about Buried Secrets Paranormal, you can go online to their Facebook page, or you can watch some of their previously aired episodes on Amazon Prime and VIDI SPACE.

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