Flogistix releases promising annual environmental report

A Flogistix employee checks the compressor used in vapor recovery.

John Lee

Some information in this article was also published in a press release from Flogistix.

Flogistix, an oil and gas atmospheric solutions company with a location in Pampa, recently released its annual environmental report. In the report, the avoided emissions from Flogistix’s vapor recovery units (VRUs) were 732 times greater than their output. 

Flogistix manufactures compressors each mounted with a software system that can do a number of tasks, including vapor recovery.

“Vapor recovery is one of our primary applications,” Mims Talton, Flogistix president and CEO of Flogistix, said. “During the pandemic and the oil price collapse, we’ve actually seen an increase in the amount of vapor recovery as a percentage of our revenue. Even during the pandemic and the down-turn, people are still keen to use vapor recovery.”

Talton said the compressors are installed at the well-sites and are attached to a tank battery, vapor recovery tower or a number of different sources of emission. The vapors are then captured, cooled, put in a pipeline and the customer (business) sells their gas.

“We don’t own any of this gas, all of the vapors belong to our customers,” Talton said. “The activity is actually being conducted to the benefit of our client. We are the service-provider in the equation.”

Talton hopes the results of their report can shed some light on how effective this can be for emission-reduction and the economics of vapor recovery.

Talton also gave a synopsis of the vapor recovery process.

“With all the shale oil that’s been developed in the United States, it’s high in gravity,” Talton said. “When you bring it to the surface and it drops in pressure, you get a lot of gas that comes out of the oil and degasses. It’s a little bit like you open a pop can and get that run. We know how many standard cubic feet of vapors each type of oil will generate and we can calculate how many vapors/barrel the operator can anticipate.”

The aforementioned 732-times number is the direct output of all of the Flogistix compressors in 2019. Talton said at the time of the report, they were capturing 425 million cubic-feet/day. Even with the down-turn in the economy, they are still collecting 377 million cubic-feet/day.

“Vapor recovery units eliminate the venting and flaring of all that volume,” Talton said. “It’s a win, win. Instead of methane being released into the atmosphere, producers are able to turn that into revenue, saving the environment and money.”

Talton added the mission at Flogistix is to eliminate emissions in the oil and gas industry.

“I think we have to do this,” Talton said. “There is not a direct replacement for oil and natural gas currently available and I anticipate that oil is going to play an increasingly vital role in our society and around the world. But, we have to compete with other clean fuels. Oil is going to have to compete on equal footing with these other fuels, and at least at the point-of-production, we have a solution.”

The protocol Flogistix used in the report was defined by the World Resources Institute (WRI) Greenhouse Gas Protocol, the most widely used and respected international standard for how to report greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. WRI reported that Flogistix’s 2019 carbon footprint was equivalent to that of 144,535 automobiles compared to the 273,000,000 cars currently registered in the United States. Through Flogistix’s VRUs, the avoided emissions assessment also found that carbon savings were significantly higher than the impact of both manufacture and field operations combined.

Talton said the environmental work is yielding positive results and gives him optimism to have the manufacturing areas back up-and-running.

About Flogistix: Flogistix is an oil and gas technology company that utilizes an engineered approach to help customers with their wellhead compression, vapor recovery, and gas lift needs. With more than 17 years of experience in the oil and gas industry, Flogistix operates throughout most of the onshore producing basins in the United States. From the company’s manufacturing facilities in Pampa, Texas and Gillette, Wyoming, Flogistix supports 13 strategically placed service centers. This expansive service facility network allows Flogistix to deliver superior customer service and well optimization strategies. For more information, visit https://flogistix.com/.

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