Kimberlea Moore gets patients Back2Activity

Photo by John Lee. Kimberlea Moore opened Back2Activity next to Wayne’s Western Wear on Hobart Street last July.

John Lee

Kimberlea Moore opened Back2Activity Physical Therapy in July 2019, almost a year later she is still helping Pampa residents with all of their rehabilitation and physical therapy needs.

“I do a little bit of all of it,” Moore said. “I just love people and love to see people get better. I chose the name Back2Activity because that’s our goal: to get people back to their activity, back to living and to help maintain their living.”

Moore has worked in physical therapy since 2004 after graduating from Texas Tech with a bachelor’s degree in the field.

“I started out in Amarillo at Rehab Works,” Moore said. “I got transferred to Pampa. I’m a Pampa girl, my family’s here and I wanted to come back home. I’ve been back in Pampa since early 2005 when I worked at Coronado [Healthcare Center].”

Opening her own business has always been a goal for Moore.

“It was just waiting for God’s timing and I’ve worked in home-health, at the hospital, in-patient and out-patient, etc.,” Moore said. “I’ve done as-needed help, as well, several places to just help people.”

Moore has treated patients as young as one month old and as old as 102 years old.

“I’ve treated babies, I treat children,” Moore said. “I do a lot of sports-medicine with sports injuries (especially junior high to high school age). We had one teenager who thought she would never dance again. We worked her extra hard and she is now back. She dances competitively, so she is waiting for everything to open up.”

Moore added they see a lot of patients with balance issues, orthopedic work, Parkinson’s and is continuing education to further her work in concussion treatment.

Therapy is not just beneficial or necessary for those recovering from an injury, but also for as you get older.

“Sometimes people are not as active as they used to be so they lose a little strength,” Moore said. “Once somebody has one fall, especially when they reach a certain age, they start worrying about falling more so they quit moving as much.”

After the first two visits, Back2Activity will also give patients a plan for them to use at home as a part of the rehabilitation process.

“We wait until the second visit to assess how sore they are and how their body reacts (to the first visit),” Moore said. “We start a home-exercise program and monitor it as we go.”

Moore said she handles all of the insurance conversations for the patient.

“The patients provide us the insurance information and we handle all of the billing and the fighting for them,” Moore said. “We handle that here in-house. It is an added stresser and we try to make sure they know within the first visit what insurance is going to cover or not cover, that way they are not surprised when they receive the bill.”

Moore added she works with patients on their bills. 

Moore said her business has been blessed with the growth she has seen over the year.

“As I’ve worked in Pampa, I’ve developed a reputation and people have kind of followed me,” Moore said. “We started out with two or three clients the first couple of months and now we are kind of looking at getting a little bit of extra help.”

Back2Activity also offers an exercise group open to everyone but is geared towards geriatric to keep them active and moving.

“As we age sometimes we lose strength and balance,” Moore said. “So this exercise group meets three times a week: Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 12 p.m. We just focus on upper body strength, lower body strength, core strength, balance and coordination.”

Back2Activity has two on staff, Moore and her office manager Savannah Smith. Back2Activity is very hands-on and treats the patient not just for what their issue is, but the cause of the issue.

“We’re a hands-on clinic,” Moore said. “We try to provide individual, one-on-one therapy. Therapy is kind of like a puzzle. You have this one issue but that issue may be stemming off other parts of the body. So we really try to focus on what they are coming in for, but we don’t see a knee patient as ‘just a knee patient.’”

Moore will work with the care provider and has a great relationship with area physicians to care for the patients.

“In Pampa we’re lucky to have a great team,” Moore said. “Therapists and doctors work together and even therapy clinics with other therapy clinics will make phone calls to each other. If I can’t take a certain patient because of insurance, we work together as a team with other clinics.”

For more information on Back2Activity, call 806-419-1168 or visit their Facebook page. They also have a fax line 806-419-1169. Moore also welcomes anyone to come by her location at 1500 N. Hobart next to Wayne’s Western Wear.

“My patients are people (not just a number),” Moore said. “I pray daily for this clinic that we are a blessing for whoever comes in. I pray that people can be blessed by being here and know that they’re not just an injury, but an actual person.”

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