Local Pampa man looks to start delivery business


Bill Alexander retired from Phillips in 2010, and up until a couple of years ago had been running deliveries all over this region of the country.

After his wife had some health issues, he decided to come back home and try to work within a couple hours of home.

“I started hot-shotting for a guy,” Alexander said. “We’d go all over the country. My wife started having some problems and I would be in Louisiana or Arizona. So I decided I wanted to start something locally.”

Alexander bought some trailers and a couple of trucks and started Pampa Delivery as a personal and private business.

Alexander has moved paints, lumber, fencing material, etc. and plans to start taking calls for his business on July 1.

“I’m going to try staying in Texas Panhandle,” Alexander said. “I’m too old to be handling heavy furniture or other heavy items. I’ll bring it up to their garage/house/business where they can unload it.”

For more information call 806-898-1398.

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