Pampans to get a taste of fresh Colorado peaches and honey next week

Orchard owners Trent and Carolyn Cunningham.

Miranda Ellis

Cunningham Peaches out of Palisade, Colo. will be visiting Pampa on Thursday, Aug. 6 with their refrigerated truck and will be selling their famed peaches and honey at the cornerstone next to Little Ceasars from 7 a.m. until 3 p.m. 

The family-owned business operates on a 120-acre orchard in the Palisade Valley of Colorado, which is home to bees and more than 40,000 fruit trees.

“My brother and his wife, Trent and Carolyn Cunningham, are the farmers and they farm about 120 acres of peaches, pears and cherries,” said Monica Wild of Cunningham Peaches.

“We are all family-operated. My sister and I and our families do the selling for them. We sell all over West Texas and into Oklahoma.”

“We grew up with an orchard and my dad and uncle farmed apples, which we used to take to Pampa to sell. They planted that orchard in the ‘60s, and my brother loved it so much that he bought a peach orchard and has been expanding for the last 25 years to what it is now,” Wild said.

The family’s peaches are famed for their freshness in the Tri-State area and have a large following on social media. 

“Our peaches have a very good reputation because we pick them and pack them all in the same day. It is very likely that they may get shipped within 24 hours after picking, so they are very fresh.”

There is something to be said about the honey the family harvests and sells as well. “We put hives in our pear orchard when it is in bloom, so the honey that we bring has a little bit of pear blossom in it. It is really good honey, and yes, we will have it (available for Pampa customers),” Wild said.

The Cunningham family has been serving fresh fruit to Pampa annually for around 30 years.

“During the month of August we usually come twice, but this year we are only coming one time because we had a few freezes this spring (and some of the crops didn’t make it),” Wild said. 

Although they will only be paying one visit to Gray County this year, the truck will also make an appearance at Ace Hardware in Pampa’s neighboring city, Borger, on Wednesday, Aug. 5. 

The truck will exclusively offer drive-through service for interested customers, as they have done for the last few years. The staff will be wearing masks this year to keep everyone safe.

“We’ve been doing it (drive-through service) for several years. People just stay in their cars and place their order with the cashier. Then they pull through and open the trunk or the back door, and we put everything that they would like right inside their car so that nobody has to get out or carry any boxes,” Wild said. 

The company’s practice of offering drive-through service happens to work out perfectly for this year, as social-distancing measures are already in place. 

Peaches are priced at $41 per box, and Wild estimates there to be 36-40 peaches in each. Honey will be sold in 12-ounce jars for $14 each.

Peaches and honey are sold on a first-come, first-serve basis. They do not accept pre-orders on the truck, but you can go online to their website and order your own box of fruit or honey to be shipped to your home at

For more information about Cunningham Peaches, you can go online to their website, visit their Facebook page or call 970-201-2509.

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