Salvation Army taking canned good, monetary donations


The Salvation Army, located at 701 S. Cuyler, is currently accepting canned good and/or monetary donations after not receiving as much as they had in the past during their last campaign.

“We’ve got several, I’d say at least 15, empty barrels we’d like to fill with canned goods,” social service worker for Salvation Army David Moore said. “We gave out what we had last year and we didn’t receive any (this year). We’ve just kind of ran out.”

The Salvation Army historically had been giving out six to seven cans of food as clients came in need food assistance, but now the number has dropped to one or two cans.

The Salvation Army will always take monetary donations as that carries more buying power for the food banks than a food donation.

“We’ll always take monetary donations because we can go to the food bank with that,” Moore said. “They do a real nice job for us but it’s kind of where things are, we don’t have canned goods.”

There aren’t any Salvation Army barrels at any of the food retailers, but the Salvation Army is taking them at their location. Moore added if any retailers would like to have a barrel at their location to let him know.

For more information, call 806-665-7233.

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