Xtra Auto Center moving to Hobart Street April 1, new courses coming for Pampa Jazzercise

From left, Andrew, Johnathan, Tammy, Jeff, Gracie and Nick Stevens. (Submitted photos)

There are some exciting changes coming to Xtra Autos and Pampa Jazzercise in the next few weeks.

Xtra Auto Center, which is owned by Jeff Stevens, will be moving from their location at 807 W. Foster to their new location at 1401 N. Hobart.

Meanwhile, Pampa Jazzercise, which is operated by his wife Tammy, will be adding five courses to their already exhaustive course listing.

New courses for Pampa Jazzercise

Tammi Stevens took over Pampa Jazzercise in February and while the exercise organization is still adjacent to the Pampa Youth and Community Center, you don’t have to have a membership to join.

“We have 19 classes a week right now and we are about to add five more,” Tammy said. 

Pampa Jazzercise is $49/month with no contract and that’s for as few as one class or every class offered. There are eight instructors teaching the variety of courses.

“You can come to as many classes as you want,” Tammy said. “That’s twice a day or all of them.”

Pampa Jazzercise is a dance-style fitness but is instructional-based and is on the west side of the Youth Center.

“We actually have to give whatever the next move is and have it set before we move on,” Tammy said.

Each class is 55 to 60 minutes with 30 minutes of cardio the rest for strength. The weights and mats are all provided by Pampa Jazzercise. There is childcare available for certain classes and the list of those classes are available online.

“We say bring you, a water and come workout,” Tammy said. “We have a strike class (Jazzercise plus kick-boxing), a fusion (cardio, strength, cardio), strength-60 (all strength) and express (30-minute class).”

While the class is primarily women, men are welcome and it is also open for those needing the low-impact workouts.

“If you can’t jump or physically do it because of injuries, we automatically show a modified version while we teach,” Tammy said. “For those that think they can’t do that we do low-impact version on strength and cardio.”

Those interested in signing up can go to www.jazzercise.com and look up Pampa Jazzercise or call Tammy Stevens at 806-663-2065.

Xtra Auto Center moving to Hobart Street

Xtra Auto Center is moving to 1401 N. Hobart on April 1.

The move comes after Jeff Stevens was offered the building by Quality Sales owner Ted Hutto. It was an offer Jeff couldn’t refuse as he has always wanted to be located on Hobart Street after being at his current location for 11 years.

“Xtra Auto actually started on April 1, 2009,” Jeff said. “I was in there talking to Ted about something not related to car business and next thing I know he is offering to sell me his location there. We had been wanting to get out on Hobart, because of traffic.”

While Xtra Auto Center is not absorbing Quality Sales’ inventory, he will be adding the business’ auto detailer, Brendan Ponce. Aside from that and the exposure, nothing is changing for Xtra Auto Center.

“Just having the exposure (will be huge),” Jeff said. “We’ve been trying to think of ways pulling customers off of the main street but having that exposure is huge. We still plan on doing the same thing and we won’t be changing. It’ll still be the same ol’ Xtra Auto Center. We will still do the buy here, pay here and no credit checks.”

Xtra Auto Center will still offer the 60-day power-train warranty on their vehicles.

The new building offers an extending area for Xtra Auto Center to showcase their inventory.

“It wraps down and we are buying the property that wraps behind the building there,” Jeff said. “We’re going to have more area and space to display cars. We are hoping to have more inventory and selection.”

Xtra Auto Center does intend to have a grand opening at a later date. But for now, this is a dream come true for Jeff and his crew.

“We’re super-excited and we appreciate the customers who continue to support us,” Jeff said.

For more information on Xtra Auto Center, call 806-665-9872.

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