ReLoaded: Skyrim Special Edition Dragonborn DLC Part III

Miranda Ellis Gamer Tag: RoseBones

This is a continuance of my last article, Skyrim Special Edition Dragonborn DLC Part II.

The Path of Knowledge

After cleansing the stones, I was prompted to return to Skaal Village, where Storn told me that someone named Neloth, from Tel Mithryn, had visited the village long ago in search of a Black Book that gave Miraak power over dragons. He suggests visiting Neloth for more information.

I was prompted to visit Tel Mithryn, and once again found myself fighting off ash spawn and wolves along the way. As per usual, the spawn rate of these enemies were more frequent in Solstheim than in Skyrim.

I arrived in the beautifully unique village of Tel Mithryn, which is essentially made up of homes carved into large, overgrown mushrooms.

Neloth was easy to find, and didn’t hesitate to explain that he himself had a black book that he had been using to try and find the location of other black books. He explained that the Black Books came from the Deadric Prince of fate and destiny, Hermaeus Mora.

He told me that he knew the location of a Black Book tied to Miraak was in some Dwemer ruins, but that he was been unable to successfully retrieve it. He asks for my help and we set off to Nchardak, just north of Tel Mithryn along the coast.

Reavers were camped on the outside of the ruins, but were easy to defeat with the help of Neloth and my follower at the time, Janessa. After defeating them, Neloth unlocks the door to the ruins by placing a cube on the control pedestal.

Once inside Nchardak, I found myself in the reading room. In the center of this room, there is a glass floor that you can see the black book through. Neloth explains that it is currently not accessible because the steam supply in the room needs to be restored.

He uses the cube and another control pedestal to open the doors to the Great Chamber, which is crawling with Dwarven spiders with Dwarven centurions lining the walls.

I quickly noticed that the chamber was flooded, limiting access to certain areas. Neloth explained to place the cubes on pedestals for the water to recede in certain areas and to remove the cubes to allow those areas to refill. Through this process, I was able to find other cubes and work my way through the ruins.

After working my way through this massive puzzle and defeating numerous Dwarven mechanisms, I was able to use all the cubes I found to restore steam supply to the reading room and access the black book.

The Gardener of Men

Reading this black book took me back to the realm of Apocrypha, where I last saw Miraak, except in a different area on a small platform. I activated a scythe to lower a moving bridge over the tar-like waters. I used this bridge to make my way to the platform on my far right, which hosted another scythe. I activated it to lower yet another bridge. I used the moving bridge I first activated to access the second bridge, where I was able to access chapter two.

Chapter two was interesting as I encountered a lurker and a few seekers. I was killed here, and as a result I was sent back to the reading room in Nchardak. Note that if you are killed in Apocrypha, this will always happen. If it does happen, you will have to open the black book again and start over at chapter one. This can be very tedious, and I’m not going to lie, I simply reloaded saves to avoid this issue and save myself some time. 

After starting over and making my way back to chapter two, I killed the lurker and seekers with an attitude and was able to move on to chapter three. 

Chapter three operates just like chapters one and two. I activated scythes to drop bridges and to make my way through Apocyrpha, fighting lurkers and seekers along the way. Fonts of magicka and stamina are introduced in chapter three, which are very helpful in the various battles you will face against lurkers and seekers. Simply activate the Fonts in order to fully restore either your magicka or stamina.

I worked my way through Aprocrypha to chapter four and found the Black Book: Epistolary Acumen. Reading this black book will summon Hermaeus Mora.

Hermaeus Mora speaks to you, and after some conversation he agrees to teach you the rest of the words of power to the Bend Will shout. He teaches you the second word, but the third word comes with a condition: He wants to know the secrets of the Skaal. He says to send the Skaal Shaman, Storn, to him and that he would hold up his end of the bargain.

I was returned to the reading room after this conversation and prompted to speak to return to Skaal Village once again. 

I arrived in Skaal Village and approached Storn about the situation. The Skaal had worked for several years to keep their secrets from Hermaeus Mora, but Storn agrees to turn the secrets over in order to defeat Miraak and save his people. 

Storn opens the black book and summons Hermaeus Mora to tell him that he will indeed share his secrets. The Deadric Prince revels in his victory before plunging his tentacles into Storn. This interaction results in Storn’s death, which made me very sad. But, Hermaeus Mora held up his end of the bargain- he taught me the third word of power to the Bend Will shout and provided me with the Black Book: Waking Dreams.

Frea and the people in the village are visibly saddened by Storn’s death. Frea sat next to her father’s body and said to not let her father’s sacrifice be in vain. Although she is grief stricken, she did not blame me for her father’s death. She says “Go, then. Kill Miraak. Do not fail.”

At the Summit of Apocrypha

After using dragon souls to unlock the learned words of power to the Bend Will shout, I read the Black Book: Waking Dreams and sent myself back to the realm of Apocrypha. 

I had to work my way to chapter six, much like I had to back when I read the black book in the Nchardak Reading Room, using scythes to create paths to travel and defeating lurkers and seekers along the way. 

Upon arrival in chapter six, I noticed a word wall guarded by two seekers, which I killed. The wall taught me the first word of power to the Dragon Aspect Shout. 

I was attacked by a serpentine dragon named Sahrotaar shortly after learning the word of power, and was prompted to use my Bend Will shout on him to tame him.

After using the Bend Will shout, I mounted Sahrotaar and was taught by a short tutorial how to ride, land, and attack with the dragon. He carried me to Miraak, who chides Sahrotaar for being too easily swayed by me. Once I landed, Miraak told me that the final key for his escape would be the act of devouring my soul. 

Once the conversation ended, the battle was on. I remounted Sahrotarr and attacked Miraak until his health bar reached a low level. He killed one of the other dragons circling above, absorbed its soul, and his health bar refilled. 

I attacked Miraak once again, working on his health bar until it lowered once again. This time, he killed the dragon I was riding and absorbed his soul, which once again refilled his health bar. 

At this point, I began using ranged attacks from behind one of the many book piles on the platform, chipping away at his health bar as much as possible with my arrows. His health bar got low once again, and Miraak killed the last dragon circling and absorbed its soul. This once again filled his health bar.

At this point, I’m worried my game is bugged and that I may be stuck in Apocrypha forever. I continue chipping away at his Miraak’s health bar with my arrows. 

This time, once his health bar lowered, Miraak had no more dragons left to kill and restore his health with. He tried to flee.

At this point, Hermaeus Mora appeared and intervened. He told Miraak that he was displeased with his service and is no longer needed. Hermaeus Mora then plunged his tentacles into Miraak as he did Storn, causing Miraak to disintegrate. 

For his death, I was awarded with several dragon souls along with the equipment looted from Miraak’s body. 

Hermaeus Mora gifted me one more time before I left Apocrypha- I read Waking Dreams once more to access my skill tree. I was allowed to clear perks off of one tree, although I chose not to do so. I closed the book and then reopened it to return to Solstheim with Miraak defeated.

What were your thoughts on the Skyrim’s Special Edition: Dragonborn DLC? Send me an e-mail and I may include your feedback in an upcoming article.

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