Science of the Mind: Civilter Mortuus

Billy Woodard

Civilter Mortuus is a Latin phrase in Blacks Law Dictionary that suggest a person or persons have lost their civil liberties by reason of committing a felony or due to an act of government in a country. It appears the masses (Our Great America) has become a sleeping giant(Civiliter Mortuus) and are equal to the television program ‘The Sleeping Dead’....May I suggest the sleeping dead are victims of mental genocide and spiritual rigor mortis has set in.However all is not lost there is a sacred text that serves as a balm in Gilead....Awake thou that sleepeth and arise from the dead(civilter mortuus)and Christ shall give thee light. (See Ephesians 5:14)May suggest that Christ is the oil of anointing that rises from the sacral plexus and travels up the thirty-three vetebrae and crosses the oblungata and the vagus nerve which symbolizes the cross of calvary and the christos (The Christ) is crucified and thus the mind is illuminated one thousand percent and the light of Christ sets us (America The Great)free again.The light of Christ is God the mastermind thinking within us,through us,and by us,thus one again the science of the mind really is the salvation of the soul.

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Dr.Billy R Woodard

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