Who the real ‘role models’ should be


It’s amazing how sometimes God will use a pastor to remind Christians, with perfect timing, of how their lives and faith should be impacted by current events.

After watching the Super Bowl LIV halftime show this past Sunday featuring Jennifer Lopez and Shakira and seeing the outcry from a sector of the population, I couldn’t help but to be reminded of a recent sermon series by my Washington Avenue Christian Church pastor Jim Shelburne in which the Lord, through Shelburne, reminds us that the world will always be “the world” but the church needs to be “the church.”

I don’t mind a lot of the Christian sector reminding the public that it is not morally right for women to parade around the way Lopez and Shakira did (although I felt like through a good portion of the performance Shakira was conservative for the times). That is exactly what we as the church are called to do. Be “the church” even if we’re not within the four walls of a building.

One comment I did feel like was over-stated was, “there are children watching.” Yes, my five-year-old son was also watching the Super Bowl because I wanted to him experience his first Big Game from start to finish for the first time. 

I feel like there is somewhat of a double-standard in place here as no one complained when Adam Levine from Maroon 5 showed off his sculpted figure last year. 

What about what women like Cher, Shania Twain, Dolly Parton, Selena and Madonna wore in the yesteryear?

Let’s take it from my teenage generation; women like Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears, Jennifer Lopez and Beyoncé?

Performers dressing risqué is nothing new. In regards to “J’Lo,” she has been one breeze away from a red carpet wardrobe malfunction since the turn of the century.

That being said, if the children, especially little girls, watching use them as their role models, we are failing as parents and Christian parents. 

Celebrities, good or bad, should not be the role models for our children. It should be the parents and in Christian homes, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

As seeming “good guys” players like Peyton Manning, Patrick Mahomes and many others are, it is up to me to raise my sons to be respectful young men and to realize women are not to be ogled like many were to Lopez and Shakira. 

The second children look to celebrities to be role models for character, there may be a problem. 

This sets the child up for false expectations because things always seem to come easy for these celebrities and athletes. That’s not to say parents can’t use certain stories and characteristics of the players as life lessons. 

Obviously as Christian parents, it’s up to us to feed our children doses of the Word, and more than what they get at Sunday school. The ultimate role model in a Christian house-hold should be Jesus Christ.

I agree that the performers should have been dressed a little bit more conservative, but the world will always be the “world.” But it’s up to us as “the church” to raise our children and show them the ultimate role model. 

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