Perfex Environmental shifts gears to disinfecting as COVID-19 ramps up in Texas Panhandle


As more and more businesses are adjusting hours or closing their businesses completely, business owners are taking the opportunity to do a deeper clean and disinfecting of their establishments.

Just as many businesses have temporarily shifted their business model, Perfex Environmental has changed gears as well to aid in the cleaning of Pampa businesses.

Perfex Environmental is a local company who falls under the umbrella with Excel Production and Perfex Chemical.

“Excel Production has all of the roustabout work and things like that, Perfex Chemical provides production chemicals to the oil and gas industry in our area and has recently expanded out with the acquisition of another chemical company,” Brian Doughty, environmental sales manager for Perfex Environmental said. “Perfex Chemical has been around for years and years. Over the course of time it just sort of evolved into what it is today.”

Devan Shults owns the Pampa-based conglomerate of companies and on the environmental side Perfex Environmental specializes in oil/gas remediation, waste removal, industrial cleanings, etc. In the past year, Perfex Environmental over the last year has broadened their scope for industrial and commercialized waste removal/remediation work.

“The environmental side evolved off the chemical side,” Doughty said. “Our customer-base would ask, ‘Since you do this (waste removal/remediation) for me, can you do this (cleaning)?’ That’s kind of where our disinfecting service sprouted up from.”

Doughty admits that two months ago he would’ve never dreamed of the disinfecting service becoming a part of the business. But as COVID-19 closed in on Pampa, Perfex looked around and formulated a new game-plan how to keep employees and businesses protected.

“We’ve got something here that can make a difference and kind of fight this thing for the community and our region,” Doughty said. “We’ve spent a couple of weeks getting all of our resources in place and training our crews to keep them safe, first and foremost.”

Perfex Environmental’s crews dress in the appropriate PPEs (Physical Protection Equipment) and uses CDC (Center for Disease Control)-recommended solutions when working in a business.

“We are blessed to be surrounded by the talent we have around us from top to bottom, our guys made an easy transition after proper training to do this,” Doughty said. 

“Is it our goal to go out and make a million dollars offering this service? Absolutely not. Our goal is to help, if nothing else, get our little town of Pampa back to some sense of normalcy as soon as possible.”

The first step to normalcy is to get Pampa back to work and keep them in a safe atmosphere.

As crews enter the business, they use a 70 percent isopropyl alcohol-based to clean the facility.

“We use kind of a two-step method,” Doughty said. “We come in and wipe down all of the hard surfaces, high-traffic touch points.”

While evaluating what’s “high-traffic,” the crews use their own logic of what they would touch during normal business hours (door-knobs, light switches, keyboards, desks, staplers, etc.). 

After wiping everything down, Perfex crews comes in with a fogging machine using the same solution.

“What that does is projects a very light mist throughout the room that settles into all of the nooks and crannies to create a thin barrier preventing a re-generation of viruses that may have been present,” Doughty said.

The conglomerate has about 50 employees in Pampa, but they also have offices in Borger, Booker, Liberal, Kan. and Gillette, Wyo.

For more information on Perfex Environmental, visit their Facebook page, call 806-665-6001 or on Brian Doughty’s cell phone at 405-613-9649.

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