Harvesters cap off great season with annual banquet


The Pampa Harvesters football team capped off their wonderful season with their annual football banquet on Monday evening.

Guests were treated to a steak dinner and after the invocation, head coach Greg Poynor introduced the special guests before giving way to cheerleading sponsors Amy Cochran and Melody Youree.

After the cheerleaders were introduced and presented to the audience, trainer Shenne Lewellan talked about her training staff.

“They are at every practice,” Lewellan said. “They started at the end of July with learning CPR and first aid. At every practice they are around these sweaty boys and this is a very, very thankless job. But they still do it with not too many complaints.”

Lewellan recognized the young men who were extra appreciative of her trainers. Trainers Cassandra Estrada and Emmi Schmitt were named the Trainers of the Year.

After the trainers, another group of under-appreciated students were recognized, the video techs.

“They are literally at practice every single day but they work behind the scenes,” coach Brad Poynor said. “I bet the players don’t know they are at practice most days. They are up in the box filming for us and making sure our equipment is good. Without them, we wouldn’t have our practice film or game film. They are vital members of our team.”

Coach Del Smith recognized manager Trent Loter, who has been with the Harvesters for decades and is a staple on the Harvesters’ sideline.

Before introducing each of the individual squads, Coach Greg Poynor recognized his coaching staff.

“I do not think you can appreciate how good of a staff we have,” Poynor said. “I wish you could be in my shoes and hear about the way I hear other coaches in our district, that we play, referees, etc. (say about our coaches). In three different games I had a referee come up to me before the game and say, ‘Man coach, we’ve been watching your squad on the field; that’s one of the best-coached teams I’ve ever seen.’”

Poynor called his coaching staff the “Best Staff in the State of Texas.”

Freshmen coach Kaleb Snelgrooes took the podium next and talked about his freshmen squad.

“These guys always showed up,” Snelgrooes said. “First day in August, when it’s hot, they showed up. Last day in November, they showed up. Get a free steak, they’ll show up again. They’re work ethic and attendance was phenomenal.”

Snelgrooes added Pampa High School football is heading in the right direction before giving way to Austin Samulowitz for the junior varsity team.

“We had a super successful season and ended up being 7-2 overall,” Samulowitz said. “A couple of games that stood out to me was beating Canyon at home for the first time. The last week of the season they came back and we whooped them again.”

Before letting each of the position coaches talk about their groups, Greg Poynor recapped the 2019 season.

“I told our booster club every week it was such a pleasurable year,” Poynor said. “We had such great kids. Coaching was easy, practices were easy and the games were fun. They were guys you could root for. We loved our kids.”

Poynor quoted Clemson head coach Dabo Swinney when he said they will “prepare for what we do, but they can’t prepare for who we are.”

“That’s what I think about these guys,” Poynor said.

Poynor added the legacy of the players will be deeper than their accolades. Their motto this year about “Staying Green” became their lifestyle.

“That started meaning something to me, and I think it started meaning something to our team,” Poynor said. “I don’t think any of us knew what that meant, but maybe it meant something with our motto: Toughness, Discipline and Effort.”

Poynor lauded the team’s love for one another and the seniors that made the year “easy.”

After each of the position groups were recognized, the Harvesters gave their awards away.

Cameron Hair received the big hitter bat and award, Tucker Bridwell was the MVP, Joey Hill and Kevin Sanchez were Co-Offensive MVPs, Zach Dubose was Defensive MVP, Cameron Soto was the Lineman MVP and the Fighting Heart Award was Carlos Gonzalez.

The Harvesters also recognized Donny Hooper for 27 years of broadcasting the games and ultimately being “The Voice of the Pampa Harvesters.”

The Pampa News would like to congratulate the Harvesters on a great year and wish the seniors the best of luck in their future.

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