White Deer’s Braden Logue commits to York College

Front, from left, Ami, Braeden and Byron Logue. Back, Byron Dale, Alexis Logue, Bridjer Logue and Coach Tell Rutledge.

White Deer High School basketball stand-out Braeden Logue is heading to York College in York, Neb. after holding an official signing day Tuesday evening.

His coach Tell Rutledge said he is proud of his senior star last season and looks forward to what he does at York.

“I can’t say enough about Braeden,” Rutledge said. “He is a tremendous young man. Your parents have done a great job raising you, your brothers and your sister. Braeden was a tremendous leader for us and I wish I would’ve been able to coach him for more than a year. 

“Last year he was our District Defensive MVP and was a TABC All-Region Selection. We’re gonna miss him, I’m so proud of you and I just know you’re going to do great things.”

Logue said this is a great opportunity for him and met the coach at York College at a basketball camp.

“He was really cool and helped me figure a lot of this stuff out,” Logue said. “He showed me the college, showed me what a great college it is and, ultimately, helped me make the decision to sign here.”

Logue added he was most impressed with the people at the college and how welcoming they seemed to be.

“The coaches were really cool people,” Logue said. “The coaches were really kind and seemed like they could connect with me. They seemed like they would make us work and instill a good work ethic in us (he and his teammates). 

“They seemed like really respectful men. If that’s how they turned out as graduates of this college, then that’s how I want to turn out.”

Logue said he is grateful of the support he is receiving from his hometown, family and friends. He hopes to see some of his hometown support travel to towns in Oklahoma and Kansas, where his school will travel as part of the Kansas Collegiate Athletic Conference.

Logue hopes to become a zoologist and the “Next Steve Irwin.”

“I realized I had a passion for animals and that was always important to me,” Logue said. “When I went and visited the college I found they had a great program for biology, which is what I need to major in.”

The Pampa News would like to congratulate Braeden Logue on his high school career and signing with York College.

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