A&T Yard Service holds annual pumpkin patch


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If you haven’t been out to see A&T Yard Service’s pumpkin patch this year, there’s still some time left to do so. 

The company has been doing the pumpkin patch for six years now, and it serves as a place for members of the community to come out, have fun, take pictures and, of course, pick out pumpkins to take home.

Rita Kramer, who is in charge of the greenhouse at A&T, said that the company typically gets in about 14 bins of pumpkins each year. Preparation for the pumpkin patch begins in early August for her, as this is when she starts to call around and schedule tours.

This year she said 307 people came in for scheduled events. For these events, the children are able to roam freely in the fenced in pumpkin patch, ask questions, take pictures in the decorated areas with pumpkin men and haystacks, pick out pumpkins and then are treated to cupcakes and refreshments inside.

Kramer said that groups that attended this year included the various Mother’s Day Out daycare children, Lamar Elementary’s head start program, Travis Elementary, the Sheltered Workshop and the Salvation Army Boys and Girls clubs. 

To her knowledge, this is the only pumpkin patch in Pampa, and this time of year is something she spends quite a bit of time preparing for and looks forward to it every year. Once the bins of pumpkins come in, she separates them based on size and then decorates the outdoor area where the pumpkin patch is annually.

The pumpkin patch is open from mid-September through the first of November, so if you haven’t been to check it out, Saturday will be the last day to do so.

A&T is also having a huge sale in the greenhouse right now. Kramer said that various flowers, shrubs and yard items are on sale, and the remaining pumpkins are half off.

A&T’s pumpkin patch is open during regular business hours, which are from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Saturday. For more information on the pumpkin patch, greenhouse or other services A&T Yard Service, Inc. provides, call 806-669-9000.

Rita Kramer operates the greenhouse portion of A&T Yard Service, Inc. She is pictured in the company’s pumpkin patch, which has occurred annually at A&T for six years now.

Photo by Lindsey Tomaschik

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