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FFA Banquet held last week

The Pampa High School FFA held a banquet last week. Here are some of the awards: Supervised Agriculture Experience went to Sierra Bridwell, Lizzy Devoll, Kaleb Garrison, Gracie Hapeman, Lillian Palomares, Lexie Rosser, Connor Scott, Rebecca Scott, Kalry Silva, Kaylee Wilhit and Autumn Woods; Greenhand Degree went to Micah Baker, Alexis Bridges, Alexis Hayden, Jeniya Lewis, Lilye Ogle, Luke Ortner, Saige Owen, Ella Price and Kendell Reed; Star Greenhand Degree went to Saig Owen; Chapter Degree went to Sierra Bridwell and Kaylee Wilhite; Star Chapter Farmer went to Rebecca Scott; Honorary Chapter Degree went to Ron & Heather Scott; Senior Officers went to Taiten Sanders, Kaleb Garrison and Gracie Hapeman;  Leadership Development Event recognition went to Micah Baker, Sierra Bridwell, Klaire Cambern, Kaleb Garrison, Gracie Hapeman, Alexis Hayden, Jeniya Lewis, Lilye Ogle, Saige Owen, Lillian Palomares, Ella Price, Kendell Reed, Lexie Rosser, Connor Scott, Karly Silva, Kaylee Wilhite and Autumn Woods; Talent recognition went to Callen Waynt (2nd Place District); Career Development Event recognition went to Daylee Bowman, Alexis Bridges, Kaleb Garrison, Gracie Hapeman, Saige Owen, Connor Scott, Rebecca Scott, Kaylee Wilhite and Autumn Woods; Retiring Officers are Taiten Sanders (President), Kaleb Garrison (Vice President), Gracie Hapeman (Secretary) and Autumn Woods (Treasurer); Incoming Officers are Autumn Woods (President), Kaylee Wilhite (Vice President), Lexie Rosser  (Secretary) and Rebecca Scott (Treasurer).

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