Top O’ Texas Rodeo installs new box seating

The Top O’ Texas Rodeo association has decided to add an upgrade the old rodeo grounds east of town by installing new box seating. The project was started in March and finished weekend before last minus a few cosmetic finishing touches. 

“We used to have box seats in there, but we actually made them bigger for more comfort,” said Tanner Winkler of Top O’ Texas Rodeo Association. 

“We used to have six box seats that were 4 ft. by 7 ft. in size. We now have them at 5 ft. by 9 ft.”

The box seats still need paint, but are otherwise finished. 

“It also had some busted up concrete over there on the west side. We removed all that and we went in and put metal and C purlin and made it a lot more sturdy and cleaner looking, said Winkler. 

“As you know, it’s an older facility. You have to put a lot of hard work in the upkeep to keep it safe and more comfortable.”

Winkler is optimistic that the 74th Annual Rodeo will still take place this year at it’s scheduled time, but says that he will not put any extra pressure on local businesses that typically sponsor the event due to the economical impact of COVID-19. A meeting will take place this afternoon to determine what will happen this year.

For more information about the Top O’ Texas Rodeo Association or the newly installed box seats, you can go online to their Facebook page or call (806) 669-0434.

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