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Local Eagle Scout paints handicap parking spots for project

Jesse Valusek, a 17-year-old life scout pictured to the far left and in the photo on the right, chose to paint the handicap spots downtown for his Eagle Scout project to help the community. He goes to school, lives and works in Pampa and chose this for his project because he could see the paint in the handicap spots were getting weathered and faded. The purpose and importance for Eagle Scout project is the help the scout use the leadership skills they acquire during their rank advancements and positions they hold in the troop into a working project that they have to come up with to benefit the community, plan, gather supplies and resources, direct, recruit other scouts to help, communicate and complete to fulfill his Eagle Scout requirements. Jesse has been in cub scouts and scouts and worked for what knowledge he has gained. He is a member of Troop 404.

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