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T-Shirts & More donates pizza to staff at United Supermarket

Miles Cook of T-Shirts & More (right) delivers pizza to the morning crew at United Supermarket on Friday, May 8.

The staff at United Supermarket in Pampa was surprised on Friday, May 8 with free pizza courtesy of T-Shirts & More owner Miles Cook. 

“We took 10 (pizzas) for the morning crew at 12:30 p.m. and we took 10 more at 5 p.m. for the evening crew,” said Cook. 

“We did this just simply to say thank you [to the staff at United]. They have been on the front lines with this entire COVID situation.”

A picture of Mr. Cook delivering the pizzas to the staff in person was posted on T-Shirts More’s Facebook page, and residents of the community have expressed gratitude for the kind gesture in the comment section of the post. 

One commenter wrote: 

Thank you! I was wondering who did that! Stuff like that makes such an amazing difference.

A staff member from United found the post and commented: 

I also work at United. I was already off when it was delivered, but I’m also very thankful.

“We have received a lot of nice comments on Facebook and we appreciate them,” Cook said. 

He is planning another surprise in the near future for others working on the front lines, he just hasn’t decided what it will be yet.

Cook would like to thank Wes Howell of Dominoes in Pampa for the discount he gave on the pizzas and Cameron Schaub of T-Shirts & More for her part in ordering the pizzas for the staff.

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