Kevin Escamilla joins FBC and Vaults student ministry


Associate pastor/minister to students Kevin Escamilla has been at First Baptist Church in Pampa for six months and has been in ministry for three years.

His arrival in Pampa comes after spending time in Weatherford, Texas as a youth minister.

“I put my resumé out and wasn’t looking for a whole lot, at my last church my position was part-time and I was looking for full-time,” Escamilla said. “But we liked where were at. I put my resumé out on a church-staffing page, Byron (Williamson, FBC pastor) e-mailed me, I met with him and Jana, we liked them and what he said about Pampa. We feel like that’s where God was really calling us to.”

Escamilla went to college at Mary Hardin-Baylor in Belton and joins a staff at FBC that already has a presence in the community, including the youth.

The renovated former bank drive-up window, now known as the Vault, is being used for a number of student activities.

“We just really want to be able to use it as a community facility,” Escamilla said. “We have the Taco Tuesday in it and we use it on Wednesday nights but we want to open it up to the community any way we can. There’s quite a few things that people want to use it for and show God’s love in a practical way. Whether it’s allowing people in the community whether it’s someone’s birthday party or it’s a city/government gathering like the Census training we had in there the other day.”

The Vault also houses ESL classes and has a variety of classroom settings for Bible study.

“On Sundays, depending on what grade the kids are in, they will go and there are some Bible study leaders who will have classes,” Escamilla said. “On Wednesdays we will mainly stay in the big worship area, worship together, have a message, play games and stuff. ESL uses it during the week on Tuesdays.”

As Escamilla mentioned earlier, one weekly event is the Taco Tuesday for high schoolers.

“I want the kids to be able to talk about what Jesus is doing in their life,” Escamilla said. “Our church has been talking about how to share our story and that’s something we do on Taco Tuesday sometimes. We let students talk about their testimony or what Jesus did in their life and we sometimes carry that into what we do. 

Yes, I’m the youth pastor but I want the adults to lead and the students to lead. Kids can be a bigger impact than I can be or another can be because they expect us to act a certain way. When the students are showing God’s love in an impactful way and what Jesus has done in their lives to lead it out, I think that’s really powerful.”

Taco Tuesday generally runs from roughly 12 to 1:15 p.m. (when COVID-19 isn’t affecting hours).

Escamilla is grateful for the support he gets from volunteers at the church for this weekly event as well as other ministries at the church.

“We have quite a few volunteers that help within the church,” Escamilla said. “If we didn’t have all of those people, if it wasn’t for those people none of this would be possible.”

Wednesday night worship is from 6 to 7:30 p.m. and Sunday Bible study is at 9:45 a.m.

Escamilla is married to his wife of three years, Alyssa, and the pair have a daughter, Emersyn.

“I’m just happy to live in Pampa,” Escamilla said. “I’ve never lived in the Texas Panhandle before and just really enjoy the people. I know that God has placed me here and worked it out in a way with where the vision of the church is going. I’ve enjoyed it since I’ve been here.”

For more information on First Baptist Church at 806-669-1155 or visit the First Baptist Church-Pampa Facebook page.

“In our youth ministry, we want to teach the students to make their faith their own,” Escamilla said. “So as they grow up, they can live for God in every aspect of their life.”

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