Learning From My Grandson

One of my favorite times is when one of my grandkids calls/texts me on their own. It’s especially amazing when they don’t want or need anything, but they just want to visit. Yesterday, Jackson, my grandson who lives in the Chicago area, texted me just to visit. It not only made my day, but he served as my teacher too. Here is our conversation; he is J & I am P for Pawdad.

J- Hey.

P- Hey there Jackson. How are you doing this morning?

J- Good.

P- So what all is on your Christmas list, because we will do Christmas at Thanksgiving when ya’ll are here?

J- I’ll try to make one today.

P- Super. Do ya’ll get to go to church today or do you have to stay home?

J- Stay home.

P- Did you get to go last Sunday? If so, how was it?

J- Yes, it was good.

P- What did you like the best?


P- Awesome answer.

One of the major building blocks of the early church was FELLOWSHIP. Over and over again Luke records how the early Christians met together for meals, teaching, communion, prayer, singing, preaching and just BEING THERE TOGETHER. And keep in mind that in many of the places, early Christians were facing something much more dangerous than Covid-19; they were facing intense persecution and even martyrdom.

You see, on television or on the internet or in a parking lot or at a drive-in theater, Christians can experience many things: great preaching, enjoyable singing, prayer time and even the elements of communion. However, Christians can’t experience FELLOWSHIP like the early church had without BEING THERE TOGETHER.

So to professing Christians who have grown accustomed and comfortable to having church in their home in their pjs, please return to a church family where you can experience BEING THERE TOGETHER. Every believer needs that FELLOWSHIP.

And to Christians who are already experiencing BEING THERE TOGETHER each Sunday, NEVER TAKE IT FOR GRANTED. It is as critical to believers today as it was to Christians in the early church. There is a filling of the soul and spirit that can only happen by BEING THERE TOGETHER, experiencing true FELLOWSHIP.

So, to my grandson, Jackson, thank you, thank you, thank you. At the tender age of 11 yrs. (soon to be 12) you hit the nail on the head regarding church and the needs of believers in our current crazy days. Thank you for those awesome words: BEING THERE! Pawdad needed the reminder so that he could pass it along to other believers through this article. I can’t wait for our next chat; no telling what God will say to Pawdad through you. Love you to GN-z11 and back. God bless. Pawdad

Mike Sublett is a pastor at Hi-Land Christian Church, 1615 N. Banks St., Pampa, Texas 79065. Email him at pawdad@nts-online.net.

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