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A Study in the Word – Isaiah 11:1-12:6

Chapters 7-12 close with focus on the remnant in celebration. If Assyria stands under judgment like a tree under the axe, never to sprout again, the descendants of David will flourish again like a stump come to life again. In fulfillment of the Davidic Covenant God’s Righteous Branch will deliver the faithful (11:1).

God’s people will surely pay the penalty of sin, but His redemptive plan remains viable. He himself is the Creator and Sustainer of that promise. In “bearing fruit” the Messiah will increase the faithful. He will be especially endowed with virtuous qualities to accomplish His purpose (11:2). He will exhibit absolute reverence for Yahweh (11:3a) and will not be swayed by circumstances (11:3b), but guided by the eternal righteousness of God, He will restore justice on earth (11:4-5). He will shower His blessings even upon the natural world (11:6-8). Knowledge of the Lord which He first intended for Israel will flow over the entire earth. This Branch will encourage Judah during the dark days of the Assyrian threat, while also giving courage to faithful people at any time (11:9). 

“In that day” points to the ultimate Day of the Lord. The relevance of this day clearly reaches far beyond Judah. It will be a day when nations will be judged and the faithful from every nation will gather before the Davidic Messiah who will “stand as a signal for the peoples” (11:10 - note the plural. See 56:6-8). The remnant will be recovered from wherever they may reside, “from the four corners of the earth” (11:11-12). Well-being for others will mark His people (11:13). Prideful enemies of God as represented by nations who have oppressed Israel will experience His final judgment (11:14-15). The exodus from Egypt provides the pattern for how God will deliver the remnant from domination by Assyria (11:16).

Then the redeemed remnant will sing two songs in thanksgiving. In the first, each individual celebrates that salvation can be found in no one but God. He is the strength, song, personal comfort, and salvation of each singer (12:1-3). The second song summons everyone to celebrate in thanksgiving. Yahweh truly is Immanuel among His people. The faithful rejoice that the Lord, though high and exalted, is also present as the Holy One in Israel’s midst (12:4-6).

Dr. David Moore is a Baptist preacher in Pampa and an online instructor in Bible and theology for Taylor University and Nations University. Email:

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