Canine Excellence: Selleck, Miss May, Lily, Angel & Harry

Linda Lanham and Selleck, Wild Wind Harley’s Flashy Gent.

Miranda Ellis

• Linda Lanham  has shown and trained rough collies for more than 30 years, and is the proud owner of five of Pampa’s finest dogs.


She recently took one of her dogs, Selleck to Orlando, Fla. for the AKC’s National Show.

“We were just doing as many shows as we possibly could to get the practice in,” Lanham said in regards to their preparations.

Linda announced in October that she would be taking Selleck, a.k.a Wild Wind Harley’s Flashy Gent, to Orlando to compete in the AKC’s Owner/Handler series. At that time, with the way points were for the year, she was expecting to go in as No. 3. However, competetion was fierce and Selleck was up against much more mature dogs in his group.

“We didn’t win anything, but we sure had a lot of fun,” Linda said of the experience. 

“I have a good idea why, though. I got to looking around and saw all of these mature dogs with their big coats out to here,” Lanham said, spreading her hands wide. “And Selleck, he’s just not mature enough yet. He may be two and half years old, but he’s still a pup. He stuck out like a sore thumb,” she laughed.

“I will probably wait until he is around four years old to try anything like that again.”

Although the pair didn’t win any major titles at the show, Selleck has number of titles under his belt already and is one therapy visit away from receiving his first therapy title, THDN.

Lanham also plans to work towards his Fast Cat, Obedience, Trick, Barn Hunt and Sent Work titles.

When The Pampa News spoke with Lanham in October, she mentioned that one of Selleck’s weak points was that he likes to nip at your pants as you walk the show ring. When asked if he had kicked this habit, Lanham laughed and said “Not quite yet. But we are working on it. He’s still a little immature, but he’s getting better. He tries it with everyone until he finds out that they won’t allow it.”

Selleck went on to win 2019 ICKC No. 1 All Breed  later on in December. His accomplishments continue to grow under the loving care of his owner. 

Lanham has said that she will likely take a step back from running with Selleck in the show ring due to complications with her knee and rely on friends to walk him. She will be focusing on getting other titles for Selleck instead.

“With my knees the way they are, I’m never sure if it is going to pop or not- and I might fall. So he doesn’t look as good out there in the ring. It makes a big difference. If you aren’t running right, you can make the dog look awful,” says Lanham. “I don’t want to hold him back.”

Although Selleck may be the front-runner for shows and is gaining new titles every year, he is not the only accomplished canine in his household. He has four other furry roommates who have had their successes as well.

Miss May

Meet Miss May , a.k.a Swan’s Is That A Rocket N Ur Pocket, CGCA, BN, PCD, CD, THDX, TKI, IT.

“I don’t know why the breeder gave her that name, she’s as straight-laced as they come,” Lanham laughed. 

Miss May is seven years old and makes regular visits to Pampa Nursing Home, Coronado Nursing, Meredith House and the Hospital’s Behavioral Health Unit. She is just 61 therapy visits away from her 400th visit. 


Lily, a.k.a Harley’s Lily of Texas, is 10 years old and is retired from her duties in therapy after 400 visits. She made visits to the same places Miss May does now back in her golden days. She holds several titles as well: GCCA, BN, PCD, LD, and THDD.

Both Miss May and Lily are known for bringing joy to those who need it most and winning costume parties.


Angel, a.k.a Harley’s Angel of Love, is six years old and holds the following titles: CGCA, THDN, RN, TKI, IT. Angel is a little shy, so she has been retired for the most part from shows and from gaining new titles. She currently serves in her home as a friend to her other furry roommates.


The newest addition to the furry family, Harry, is a spunky corgi that loves attention. He is only a few months old and will eventually travel with Linda’s husband, John, after he is house-broke, crate trained and leash-trained.

He was named after one of the couple’s favorite movie series, Harry Potter.

Linda, The Pampa News would like to thank you for keeping us up to date on your adventures with Selleck, and hope that the new year holds nothing but success for you and your precious pups.

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