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Clarendon College Pampa Center seeking donations for trees honoring Don Lane

Don Lane

John Lee

One of Clarendon College Pampa Center’s biggest advocates passed away earlier this year in Don Lane.

As a way of commemorating the late Lane, the Pampa Center is holding a fundraiser for trees to be planted across the campus.

“Mr. Lane was instrumental in getting this facility built,” Mike Davis, Dean of Clarendon College Pampa Center said. 

“Pampa had a satellite college at the old Sam Houston Middle School. It moved at least one other time before this facility was built (in 1999) when Mr. Lane was the president of Pampa Center Foundation that raised more than $2 million to buy the land, build the original M.K. Brown building, etc. This facility wouldn’t exist without Don Lane and the Pampa Center Foundation.”

While COVID-19 has impacted student numbers this year, Mr. Lane was the Pampa Center Foundation when Clarendon College grew to add two more buildings to the Pampa Campus. 

Clarendon College has selected shumard oak trees, similar to what is spread out across Lane’s alma mater, the University of Oklahoma.

The College is working with a nursery in Clarendon who will not only sell the trees, but also plant them.

It is $370 for a tree 4.5 to five inches in diameter. The goal is for 20 trees to spread across the campus.

“We’re hoping for 20, but we will do more if more money comes in,” Davis said. “These trees seem to do better in late fall, early winter. So it won’t be too long after the Dec. 15 (donation deadline) before we plant them.”

Donations can be made by cash, check or by calling 806-660-2000. 

“The main thing for me is that we honor this amazing man,” Davis said.

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