Clarendon College starts planting Don Lane commemorative trees


Last fall, Clarendon College’s Pampa campus started a fundraiser to purchase trees commemorating the late Don Lane, who was instrumental in the development of the college for Pampa.

Last week, the dream behind the fundraising became a reality as 20 of the trees started to be planted.

“We raised enough for 38 trees and Pedro Arreola at A&T Yard Service donated another 10 trees,” Dr. Michael Davis, Dean of Career, Technical and Continuing Education at Clarendon College Pampa Campus, said. “The greenhouse in Clarendon (Denny Hargrove) planted the other 20. We have another 18 that’ll be in in the next couple of weeks.”

The Shumard Oaks were planted around the M.K. Brown and Don Lane buildings across the campus. They are still fairly young in their life cycle.

“The ones from A&T are more mature and have multiple trunks,” Dr. Davis said. “The ones from Clarendon are three-and-a-half to four inches around the trunk. That would make them three or four years old.”

Clarendon College had hoped to raise enough for 20 trees, but the outpouring support of the community allowed them to almost double their goal.

“I’m really pleased with the community response that we were able to raise $14,000 for the trees to honor the man who made a significant contribution to our community and our campus,” Dr. Davis said.

Shumard oak is found across Don Lane’s alma mater, the University of Oklahoma’s campus. The ones found on Clarendon College are drought-resistant and should be sustained by the college’s regular irrigation system.

For more information on Clarendon College, call 806-665-8801.

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