COVID-19 Vaccine Information at Pampa Regional Medical Center

Pampa Regional Medical Center joined the rest of the country in welcoming the new COVID-19 Vaccine.  PRMC was the recipient of 200 FDA approved Moderna vaccines as of Monday December 21, 2020. More have been requested since, however not received at this time.

Planning has been extensive and comprehensive, encompassing distribution of the two-part vaccine, proper storage and handling, receiving personnel training and administration.  It has truly been an all-hands-on deck operation.

With the CDC’s guidelines and recommendations clinical staff have begun to receive the vaccination in the first round.

According to DSHS the first tier to be vaccinated under Phase 1A should conclude before moving on to another phase. It is said that on Friday January 8, hub locations for the community members qualifying under Tier 2 will be publicly announced.  We urge you to check with your primary care provider or the website for our latest information.

The First Tier for COVID-19 vaccinations included:

• Paid and unpaid workers in hospital settings working directly with patients who are positive or at high risk for COVID-19. Such as but not limited to:

• Physicians, nurses, respiratory therapists and other support staff (custodial staff, etc.)

• Additional clinical staff providing supporting laboratory, pharmacy, diagnostic and/or rehabilitation services o Others having direct contact with patients or infectious materials

• Long-term care staff working directly with vulnerable residents. Includes:

• Direct care providers at nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and state supported living centers

• Physicians, nurses, personal care assistants, custodial, food service staff

• EMS providers who engage in 9-1-1 emergency services like pre-hospital care and transport

• Home health care workers, including hospice care, who directly interface with vulnerable and high-risk patients

• Residents of long-term care facilities

With the opening of the Second tier to include:

• Staff in outpatient care settings who interact with symptomatic patients. Such as but not limited to:

• Physicians, nurses, and other support staff (custodial staff, etc.)

• Clinical staff providing diagnostic, laboratory, and/or rehabilitation services

• Non 9-1-1 transport for routine care

• Healthcare workers in corrections and detention facilities

• Direct care staff in freestanding emergency medical care facilities and urgent care clinics

• Community pharmacy staff who may provide direct services to clients, including vaccination or testing for individuals who may have COVID

• Public health and emergency response staff directly involved in administration of COVID testing and vaccinations

• Last responders who provide mortuary or death services to decedents with COVID-19. Includes:

• Embalmers and funeral home workers who have direct contact with decedents

• Medical examiners and other medical certifiers who have direct contact with decedents

• School nurses who provide health care to students and teachers

We believe the rollout of the vaccine will lessen the severity of the impact that COVID-19 has had on our staff and our community. While not mandatory, we recommend you be vaccinated if appropriate. 

If you qualify for a vaccine in Phase 1B: Please check the website of vaccine providers listed on the Texas COVID‑19 Vaccine Provider Locations map to see if they have enough vaccine supply at this time.


• Do not show up at a hospital or clinic looking for vaccine.

• Instead please check their website for information about vaccine availability. Call if their website doesn’t answer your questions.

• Vaccine supply is limited (but more arrives every week) and it will take time to vaccinate all.

Phase 1B recipients include:

• People 65 years of age and older

• People 16 years of age and older with at least one chronic medical condition that puts them at increased risk for severe illness from the virus that causes COVID-19, such as but not limited to:

• Cancer

• Chronic kidney disease

• COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease)

• Heart conditions, such as heart failure, coronary artery disease or cardiomyopathies

• Solid organ transplantation

• Obesity and severe obesity (body mass index of 30 kg/m2 or higher)

• Pregnancy

• Sickle cell disease

• Type 2 diabetes mellitus

For more information;

About Pampa Regional Medical Center: Located in the center of the Texas Panhandle, Pampa Regional Medical Center is a 109-bed acute-care hospital serving many of the communities in the Panhandle. A full range of surgical and medical services are offered, including Interventional Cardiology, Sleep Lab, Wound Care, Pain Management, General Surgery including Endoscopy, Diagnostic and Radiology Services, Psychiatry, Orthopedics including Total Joint Replacements, Intensive Care, Comprehensive Obstetrics and Gynecology, Pediatrics, Outpatient Medical Clinics, Women’s Services, Urology and a 24-hour Emergency Room with Telestroke capabilities.  Pampa Regional Medical Center is fully accredited by the Joint Commission and has consecutively earned the Gold Seal of Approval.  Pampa Regional Medical Center endeavors to provide comprehensive, quality healthcare in a convenient, compassionate and cost-effective manner. PRMC is a member of Prime Healthcare. For more information please visit

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