Crystal Arreola promoted to director at Meredith Place


Crystal Arreola’s official first day as Executive Director at Meredith Place was on July 20 after two years as the care services manager.

While this is the first time Arreola has had the official title, this isn’t the first time she has had the job capacity.

“I’ve done it before without the official title when we’ve been without a director for six months,” Arreola said. “Now I’ll be over more of the operations of the entire facility. Not just nursing and clinical. But I’ll still be over that (nursing and clinical).”

Arreola, a 2004 graduate of Pampa High School, has been training with Paul Gonzalez, the area executive director for Enlivant, but some of it has been more of a refresher and is excited to still be working with the residents.

“Some of it I have already been doing, but didn’t realize that’s what I was doing,” Arreola said. “A lot of the residents, when we didn’t have a director, would tell me they wanted me to apply. But at the time. it wasn’t for me I didn’t want to do it. But when our director (Kimberly Maxwell) transferred to another facility, the residents asked me again.”

The nudge from the residents and Arreola’s desire for a long-term director located in Pampa was the ultimate push she needed to throw her name in the hat.

Arreola’s now former job title already had some continuing education, but eventually she will need to do some online training for her new position.

Meredith Place recently won two awards through Enlivant, but Arreola doesn’t feel the added pressure to continue the trend as it’s the standard carried before she was director.

“I won the award (for Care Services Manager of the Year) maybe because during the interim I jumped in and took on both roles,” Arreola said. “But hopefully I can get a good nurse hired. We’re working on doing interviews and I’m a little partial (to nursing) so I have to make sure I know where their heart is and they love those patients as much as I do.”

Arreola said the hardest part may be letting her replacement take over her position, but she also hopes to use her nursing experience if the new care services manager gets overwhelmed.

“It’s going to be hard, when I do get somebody in here, to step back and let them take over,” Arreola said. “But I am glad that I am a nurse because when Michelle Goodson was the director and a nurse, she helped me a lot.”

Arreola is married to her husband, David, and the two have two children, Isaih and JD.

Meredith Place is still accepting residents with some COVID-19 guidelines. They are also still taking applications for the Care Services Manager position at

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