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DeFever, Searl and Fisher heading to City Commission


Lance DeFever, Paul Searl and Bryan Fisher will be the new faces on the City Commission after scoring victories on Saturday.

According to unofficial results from the City, DeFever secured 58.79 percent (1,117 votes) over opponents’ Matt Rains 41.21 percent (783). 

Searl defeated opponent Pam Martin with 69.32 percent (1,236) of the votes.

 I would like thank everyone for their prayers and votes,” Searl posted on social media over the weekend. “I am looking forward to representing Ward 1. I am ready to get in there and make sure Pampa continues to prosper and grow.”

In a narrow victory, Fisher beat opponent Laura McGrath by seven votes with 902 votes (50.19 percent).

“I want to thank everyone that took the time to go and vote,” Fisher said. “Thank you to everyone that took the time to vote for me, I really appreciate it. It was a super-close race, and I want to thank Laura McGrath for calling me and congratulating me and expressing her encouraging words for Ward 4 and the future of Pampa. 

“Thank you to everyone in my family that supported me throughout this whole campaign. I would like to give my wife Lisa a huge shout out and a huge thank you for her love and support and all the times she prayed with me when I felt discouraged. I won’t let Pampa down, all of my concerning words for Pampa and Ward 4 remains a promise and I’ll do my best to fulfill each spoken word during my campaign. Thank you for believing in me, Pampa! Let’s do this! God has a plan! Thank you for all your prayers and support. 

“Thank you to Pam Martin for messaging to congratulate me. Congratulations to all candidates Lance DeFever, Paul Searl, Jimmy Keough, Brian Doughty. I’m looking forward to working with each of you and I’m looking forward to the future of Pampa.”

In another tight race, Misty LeBlanc beat Janet Hancock with 1,059 (53 percent) votes to Hancock’s 918. 

The one incumbent in this election, Luis Nava, defeated opponent Colin Sutherland with 1,131 votes to Sutherland’s 793.

I am humbled to know that the people of Pampa would continue to in trust me with the education of their children,” Nava said. “I would like to thank all the people that supported me throughout the election. Thanks to Colin for his willingness to serve and his desire to be involved. I look forward to serving with the new board members to move Pampa ISD into the bright future that I see before use.”

Seventeen percent (2,104) of the county’s registered voters turned out in the City election, with an average of 1,052 voting in the early voting period. An average of 234 voters voted via absentee. An average of 462 voted on election day.

The Pampa News reached out to Misty LeBlanc and Lance DeFever for comment, but neither commented by press time.

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