Doug Boyd Motors employees save kitten trapped in car for 22 hours

Submitted. Lucky shortly after being saved from the vehicle. Hickerson says that she is actually a white cat, she’s just a little dirty from being trapped.

Miranda Ellis



Liv Hickerson of White Deer was driving her vehicle around Pampa with her two children when she and her eight-year-old son heard a strange noise. 

“We were driving around and heard a noise, but I assumed it was my daughter’s toy in the back seat. Then we heard it again, and my son and I just looked at each other and turned the music down to hear it,” Hickerson said. 

After a few minutes of driving with the music turned down and not hearing the noise, Hickerson continued with her day. 

“We took so long in Pampa, we were in town for almost three hours. We were all over the place- we went to eat, we went to the store. Finally I dropped my son off and picked up a friend of mine.”

Hickerson and her friend made a stop to grab some milk for Hickerson’s infant daughter and headed back to White Deer. 

“When we were on our way back to White Deer, my friend told me that she thought she had heard a kitten in my car while I was in the store grabbing milk. I thought she was crazy, but then I heard it, like loud- like a scream. So I pulled over and called my dad,” she said.

Hickerson and her friend thoroughly searched her vehicle while pulled over on the side of the road. They sifted through some of the clothes in the back of the vehicle thinking maybe the kitten could be hidden in them.

After searching to no avail, they got back in the vehicle and drove the rest of the way to White Deer.

“When we got back here it was almost 10 p.m. My friend and daughter were in the house and I was outside looking for the kitten,” she said.

When it started to rain, Hickerson realized that she needed to take her friend home. Although her friend didn’t want her to drive the vehicle with the kitten still inside, they also realized that they would still need to pick up Hickerson’s son for the evening. 

Hickerson drove back to Pampa to drop off her friend and to pick up her son. 

“When my kids and I got back home, I stayed outside until almost 2 a.m. trying to find the kitten,” Hickerson said. 

She even drove her vehicle over a ditch so that she could get a good view of the under-side of her vehicle. She used her cell phone’s video feature in the darkness in an effort to locate the kitten. Hickerson was starting to worry about having to drive her vehicle the next day to work. 

Hickerson’s cat, Daisy, cried helplessly at the vehicle all night long trying to get her kitten out. The kitten cried, too.

“We didn’t even know she had the kittens until they were old enough to get stuck in cars,” Hickerson said. 

The next day, Hickerson made a plea on Facebook for someone to help her save the kitten and began making phone calls. 

“It was too late to call people the night before, but I started calling people the very next day,” she said. 

She contacted two City Halls local in the area, a service center in Pampa, a vet in Pampa and PAWS in Pampa (But they were closed).

Both city halls told her that they “didn’t mess with things like that.” She asked if they could point her in the right direction of who to call. They suggested calling a vet or PAWS in Pampa. 

PAWS did not answer the phone, as they do not open until noon. So she called a vet. 

“The woman on the phone sounded annoyed with me and said they didn’t have time for that. Then she asked if I had gotten in touch with a mechanic,” Hickerson said. 

“So I called a service center, and they literally laughed at me. I was in tears because the cat had already been trapped more than 20 hours. The guy on the phone was laughing hard and even called his fellow employees over to the phone. He tried to get me to repeat myself so that they could get a laugh, too.”

“I was heartbroken, our family has been taking our vehicles to them for years,” she said.

At this point, Hickerson said that she was planning to take a shovel and start dismantling her own vehicle to try and save the kitten herself. 

Finally, Hickerson received a message in response to her Facebook post in a Borger for-sale group. It was from an employee that works at Doug Boyd Motor company, a used car dealership in Pampa. 

The employee, Jeremy Wilson, told her that if she could get the vehicle to Pampa, that he and his co-worker, Marcus Dorsey, would help her to try and free the kitten on his lunch break. 

Although Hickerson was nervous about driving with the kitten once again, she couldn’t bear the thought of the kitten slowly dying in her car. She was also worried about how the situation was affecting her son.

“Every time we got in the car, he was afraid the kitten was going to die,” she said.

 So without hesitation, she and her son set off for Pampa once again.

“The whole way I just prayed to God that the kitten would survive long enough for it to be saved,” she said. 

“We got there and they pulled the vehicle in. My son and I paced around, wondering if the cat would be okay.”

“Finally, they came to us and told us that they had found the kitten in what they called the under-carriage.”

Wilson and Dorsey told her that the kitten appeared frightened, but was otherwise in good shape. Hickerson asked if she could assist them.

“After they opened it all up, I reached in there and grabbed her,” she said. 

The moment was celebrated by everyone involved. 

“It was the best thing ever. I was so grateful because all day everyone had acted like they didn’t care.”

“They said that where the kitten was at in the car was the best place that she could have possibly gotten stuck. If she had been trapped anywhere else, she probably would have died. Where she was at, there was a pinch of air that she could breathe, and there was just enough for her to hang on to so that she didnt fall out while the car was moving,” she said. 

Although Wilson and Dorsey insisted that no payment was needed for their help, Hickerson handed her son a 100 dollar bill and told him to hand it to the men for them to split. 

“I would have given them a million dollars if I could have,” she said.

“My son was so happy to finally be able to hold the kitten.”

The kitten was named Lucky and is back with her mama, Daisy. The rest of her kittens were brought into the home and are played with by Hickerson’s two young children.

The Pampa News would like to that Wilson and Dorsey of Doug Boyd Motors for saving the precious kitten. 

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