Dr. Brett Folmar, DCH returns to Pampa


Dr. Brett Folmar, DCH, a 1986 graduate of Pampa High School, returned to Pampa late last year after spending the last 30 years in Houston.

After serving in the Army as an airborne ranger from 1987 to 1991, Dr. Brett, as he is popularly referred to, and going to college earning a business degree from San Jacinto Junior College in Pasadena, Texas. 

He did massage on the side and didn’t expect it to turn into a career.

“Here I am 30 years later,” Dr. Brett said. “I plan to do it well into my 80s, it keeps me functioning well.”

He eventually earned a psychology degree from the University of Houston-Clear Lake.

Dr. Brett practices both massage and clinical hypnosis after earning a psychology degree and a doctorate’s from a hypnosis Studio in Houston.

“I used to read about it in high school but I didn’t really do it then,” Dr. Brett said. “But then I got into the military and used it to get through ranger school, airborne school, etc. You can hypnotize yourself to be the best soldier you can be.”

Hypnosis is recognized by the American Medical Association, the British Medical Association and both the American Psychological Association and British Psychological Society as a treatment for certain ailments.

“It’s your state,” Dr. Brett said. “The physical overrides the mental. If you stand like your proud or happy for two minutes, you’ll start thinking that way. If you’ll do that before you have an altercation, you can handle it better.

“I’ll have you close your eyes because that restricts 86 percent of the stimulus into your brain and opens up your mind. I use energy hypnosis with anything. We all learned all of this (trance-work) in when we were three or four years old but it’s the most powerful thing out there.”

Dr. Brett added it is similar to mind-over-matter but is trance-work. 

“We are always in a trance as a people,” Dr. Brett said. “When you work on a computer you’re in a computer trance. When you exercise you’re in an exercise trance. We’re always in a trance. When you’re in a trance you don’t know it.”

Dr. Brett said when working with patients, he has them explain their ailments, discover their triggers for the ailments (smoking, drinking, etc.) and channel the energy in other ways.

“We have to pull that energy out and visualize it right in front of you,” Dr. Brett said. “You adjust it so it and shove it back in. We just engage the mind and I’ll put you in a standard trance.”

Dr. Brett offers hour to an hour-and-a-half massages on-site with the patients.

“They’ll tell me what’s wrong and I’ll work on them,” Dr. Brett said. “I like to work with older people because I like to stretch everybody. 

“But with older people you have to be careful when stretching them because they have less resistance. But I like to work with them because you can keep them functioning and moving. You’ve got to keep healthy.”

Dr. Brett takes his practice to his patients houses as a convenience for them and has flexible hours. 

“The worst part of getting a massage can be the drive to and from,” Dr. Brett said. “But I eliminate that for them. I finish, I pack up and I leave.”

He charges $99 for a massage and $500/problem for hypnosis.

For more information call 281-291-0827 and is on Facebook.

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