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El Sabor opens downtown with authentic Mexican food


El Sabor de mi Tierra opened at their location, 113 S. Cuyler in downtown Pampa, on Oct. 24.

Owner Anai Acuña’s mother’s (Maricela Osorio) dream was to open a restaurant of her own. After Acuña married her husband, Juan Carbaja, and he wanted a restaurant of his own, as well, they went all in on the project.

“We decided to 50-50 each on it and go with it,” Acuña said. “We came to Pampa and saw this place, looked at it and the next week we rented it.”

Acuña was born in Texas but her family is originally from Mexico and currently live in Amarillo, but are looking to move to Pampa.

El Sabor offers a variety of authentic Mexican dishes made by her mother and husband.

“We have mole rojo, barbacoa, tamales and home-made tortillas,” Acuña said. “We have shrimp cocktails, fried fish and camarones. I noticed not a lot of restaurants have seafood and that’s weird. A lot of people like fish, shrimp and oysters, which we have, too.”

Of course, the standard Tex-Mex dishes such as enchiladas and tacos are offered.

El Sabor also has American food like cheeseburgers and hot wings.

The restaurant also has specials including Taco Tuesdays (Tacos for $1), Cheeseburger and hot wings on Wednesdays and breakfast with omelets and French toast. They also have chila quiles.

They are working on getting their license to sell beer and wine and hope to offer mixed drinks later down the road. 

“We just want to start slow and let the restaurant go with the flow,” Acuña said. “Then if you have good service you’re going to have good clients all of the time.”

Right now, El Sabor has eight on staff with four wait staff to go along with two cooks and a dishwasher. Their location in Downtown Pampa adds to an already busy area to help the district grow.

“There’s a lot of business down here,” Acuña said. “It’s (one of) the main streets for Pampa and there are a lot of businesses down here. We will be open for breakfast, lunch and dinner.”

El Sabor is open from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. Monday through Friday and 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. on Saturday/Sunday. 

Their Facebook page can be found at “El Sabor De Mi Tierra Authentic Mexican Food” or call 806-419-3022.

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