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End of Vietnam War anniversary was Friday

The Vietnam War ended April 30, 1975 when the capital of South Vietnam, Saigon, was captured by the North Vietnamese. American troops were pulled from Vietnam two years earlier and all U. S. troops were gone by March 29, 1973. U. S. involvement in the Vietnam war began November 1, 1955 when the French withdrew their troops from Vietnam and the U. S. took their role.  

The Vietnam War was between North and South Vietnam, with the U. S. and others backing the South and the Soviet Union, North Korea, and China backing the North. The French had previously supported South Vietnam and when the French withdrew in 1955, the U. S. assumed that role. 

About 2.7 million U. S. service members fought in the Vietnam War according to the VA. According to the Defense Casualty Analysis System, 3.4 million service members served in Southeast Asia. The U. S. lost 58,200 service members in the Vietnam War (National Archives); 153,303 were wounded (Defense Casualty Analysis System). One hundred fifty Panhandle service members lost their lives in the Vietnam War; their names are inscribed on the Vietnam Monuments at the Texas Panhandle War Memorial. Many Vietnam veterans are still suffering today from exposure to Agent Orange and the trauma of battle. Please thank these veterans for their service to our country.

We would also like to announce that we will hold a Memorial Day ceremony Monday May 31 at 11 a.m. in our Texas Panhandle War Memorial Center Veteran’s Park next door to us at 4111 S. Georgia. We invite all veterans and the public to this ceremony honoring our service members who were killed in combat.

We encourage our veterans and their families to contact our Veterans Referral Coordination Center at the War Memorial if they need any type of assistance. The Texas Panhandle War Memorial is proud to partner with Combined Arms and the Texas Veterans Network to provide excellent service referrals for veterans and their families. The mission of the War Memorial is to help veterans and their families by assessing veteran and family member needs and finding appropriate service providers to meet those needs.

Whatever the veteran’s need – employment, housing, financial assistance, reintegration, transportation, counseling, or general information – the War Memorial will find the right provider for them. This service is free; the veterans have earned it. Some benefits are available to the veteran’s family. Our navigators are trained to know the resource providers in our community and can connect the veteran or family member with those services. We will follow up and ensure that the veteran or family member and the resource connect, and their needs are being met.

Come and visit our museum of military artifacts, displays, and photographs from WWI to Afghanistan. The War Memorial has the only Military Chapel in the Panhandle, available for weddings and funerals. Our high-tech Education Center features five interactive computer kiosks, each with information on 11 U. S. wars. We also have oral histories of the Vietnam War and World War II. Visit our gift shop for military tee shirts, ball caps, and military memorabilia. 

We invite you to visit our museum or visit our Navigators Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Our telephone number is 806-350-8387. Follow us on Facebook and visit our website 

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