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Giving shoes a new life

Miranda Ellis

Pampa resident Shiann Regalado is fighting boredom and helping her neighbors throughout the COVID-19 pandemic by giving gently-worn shoes a face lift and passing them on to people who can use them.

Regalado made a post on Facebook early last week asking Pampa residents to donate shoes that they were no longer using or wearing to her project, which she is calling Shianns ArtisticSole & Apparel.

“I’m asking people to donate old shoes they want to throw out and let me make them new again [for someone else],” said Regalado.

Regalado has received 33 donated shoes so far since making her post and creating her group on Facebook.  

“Once they come in, I clean them up. If I need to, I will throw them in the washer. I clean up the soles, the inside of the shoe and the shoe laces just to make them look new again. 

“I also paint them if they need it, and I can do custom paint as well.” said Regalado.

Regalado has painted some pairs of shoes simply to make the colors more vibrant. On other pairs, she has gone so far as to paint whimsical cartoon characters adored by children.

Once the shoes are finished, they are given away for free to a person who needs them. All shoe donations, whether brought to Regalado or given by Regalado are coordinated through her Facebook group, Shianns ArtisticSole & Apparel.

“This [stay-at-home order] is hard on everyone and figured this was something I could do to help,” said Regalado.

If you would like to donate a pair of shoes to Shiann Regalado’s project, you can go contact her online through Facebook, call (806) 664-2408, or drop them off at 1021 S. Wells. There will be a box on the porch to ensure social-distancing measure are maintained.

The Pampa News would like to thank Regalado for her creativity and generosity.

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