Gray County Commissioners approve moving to cloud-based server


The Gray County Commissioners met on Monday for a regularly-scheduled meeting.

After the formalities and approving the routine, house-keeping items, the Commissioners discussed the progress made on County Road 3 for the Keystone Towers project.

The Commissioners then held a discussion and eventually approved the addendum to the LGS Contract regarding the server that handles files for District Attorney, District Clerk, County Attorney and County Clerk and changing it from the in-house storage server to off-site storage server.

The contract is typically renewed on an annual basis, and District Attorney Franklin McDonough lauded LGS, citing the ownership’s willingness to come to Pampa personally and consistent prices year-in, year-out.

Commissioner John Mark Baggerman asked McDonough and District Clerk Jo Mays if they thought it was a good deal and what initiated the idea for a change.

“Almost two years ago our server went down and when it goes down, we can’t do any paperwork on anybody who has a criminal case,” McDonough said. “It all goes down. A couple of years ago they encouraged us to go off-site. At that time there were more parties involved and desire to keep it here to have control of the server. Recently, we were down, in my office, for nine days. No attorney could get paperwork and we couldn’t put anything in.”

McDonough also pointed out the hourly back-up as another benefit to switching servers.

County Judge Chris Porter asked about the security of the cloud.

“The LGS server itself only has four people that can access it,” McDonough said. “It also uses the same security as government, FBI and law enforcement agencies use. They not only have to have a password, but they have to have a card and use either retinal or fingerprint.”

The server has multiple back-ups and even has a back-up LGS themselves can’t access.

“It is much more secure than we can make this facility and server,” McDonough said. 

Each of the offices involved are in favor of the switch and the Commissioners accepted the addendum.

The Commissioners also discussed some items involving Perry Lefors field regarding the lighting project, a water pipe busting and some issues with a tractor being used for mowing.

There wasn’t any action taken regarding the airport as it was a discussion item.

The Commissioners also approved the following items:

• Pay Bills as Approved by the County Auditor

• Replacing Employee for Precinct 4

• Tax Bids for Delinquent Property: 512 Naida in Pampa and two strips of lot on Wilson and Walnut Streets in McLean.

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