Kickin’ it on Cuyler kicks off this Saturday

Above, Stacy Helms is pictured in her store, Shabby Creek, located on Cuyler street. (Photo by Miranda Ellis | The Pampa News)

Miranda Ellis

Four downtown businesses have decided to team up for a monthly event outside of the seasonal events the Downtown Business Association hosts throughout the fall in hopes of generating year-round interest for local shoppers. 

Stacy Helms of Shabby Creek says that she, along with the owners of Sweet T’s Clothing Company, Trendy Trailer and Sweet Street Patisserie have teamed up and will be staying open late this Sat., Sept. 26 for their second Kickin’ it on Cuyler event.

“We’ve started staying open late once a month. We have tried to put it on a certain weekend, but it just doesn’t work out because Trendy and Sweet T’s do a lot of (craft) shows. So we will have the one this Saturday and then our next one will be on Oct. 31. We will stay open until around 6 p.m. and we will have steet vendors so it will be a little different,” says Helms. 

“We are trying to get some food vendors to come, but that may be a little tricky because code enforcement makes them have their truck or trailer inspected every time.”

“We do have Alex Hutto who is going to be there and she does leather works. Then we are going to have some jams and jellies, and there will be a Scentsy (vendor).”

Helmss hopes that by staying open late, that the four businesses will have a shot at earning more local business this holiday season because they won’t be closed by the time everyone gets off work. 

“Last time we did it until 8 p.m., but for some reason it died around 6:30. So this time we are going to go until 6 or a little after.”

“We’re adding more and more little street vendors on the sidewalk and we’re just going to try and build from there. And this is independent from the Downtown Business Association. We really only do things during the fall months (with them) and we wanted something year-round,” said Helms.

If you would like to Kick it on Cuyler with these lovely ladies and check out what they have to offer this season, make sure to head downtown between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. this Saturday. 

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