Knuckleheads Service Center enjoys three months of being open

Adam Slater and David Sigala

David Sigala and Adam Slater opened Knuckleheads Service Center three months ago on Oct. 1 after growing up together in Pampa.

Located at 300 N Hobart, the pair offers oil changes, tire repair/sale, brake jobs, inspections, car washes/details and more light to moderate mechanic work.

“We don’t drop transmissions, pull motors, re-do upholstery or windshield repair,” Sigala said. “Other than that everything is fair game. We do light to moderate repair work. As far as paint-splatter removal, shampooing, we can do that.”

Both Sigala and Slater spent time in the oilfield as mechanics before fulfilling their dream of opening their own shop.

“We’ve always worked on cars and bikes since we were little kids,” Sigala said. “Most of our mechanic experience comes from the oilfields. We’re in the process of buying the computer that tells you the diagnostics.”

After spending 19 years in the oilfield, Slater added the two were ready to settle down with their families in Pampa.

“We were just sitting in my garage working on my motor-cycle one day and talked about how cool it would be to have a shop,” Slater said. “Luckily, this place came up and my buddy (Sigala) calls me and says, ‘We’re doing it, I quit my job.’”

“Being able to sit here in our hometown with our wives and kids is wonderful,” Sigala added. “It’s nice to be here around our families.”

The two have received a lot of support from the community and beyond since opening.

“It’s definitely been great,” Slater said. “The City of McLean even brings their over here. We’ve reached everywhere.”

Knuckleheads is open Monday through Saturday 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. and are available on Instagram and Facebook.

For more information, call 806-486-1454.

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