Nancy and Teresa at Pampa Senior Citizens Center miss your smiling faces!

Nancy Looper (left) and Teresa Dalrymple (right) are excited about the upcoming re-opening of the dining room at Pampa Senior Citizens Center.

Miranda Ellis

Pampa Senior Citizens center will be re-opening their indoor dining room on Monday, Aug. 3 after being closed for more than two months. 

The center closed to the public on March 18 and started offering delivery and curbside pickup services for their main customers again in April. 

When The Pampa News asked how PSC feels about seeing their people again for the first time in over two months, Teresa Dalrymple said “We’re excited. We’re very excited,” with a smile on her face. She says that she and the staff are trying to plan something special to welcome their guests back, although they haven’t quite decided what or how yet. 

“I’m trying to figure something out to do that, to let them know we’re so happy to see them back, but I haven’t quite got it all put together,” Dalrymple said.

The staff is hoping and praying for a heavy turnout of guests in their dining room on Monday after being closed for so long.

“We had one board member tell us the other day that there wouldn’t be a whole bunch coming back yet, and I thought to myself- you don’t know what you are talking about,” Nancy Looper said. 

Dalrymple agreed and said “I think they are all ready to get back in here and see each other.” 

The staff has taken precautionary measures to reopening by adding sanitizer stations, implementing social-distancing measures and by wearing masks. 

“We’ve got these tables marked off where they (groups) can’t sit next to each other. We’re trying to go with the CDC guidelines and rules. We have masks up there (at the entrance) so they can get a mask. We’ve got sanitizers all around. The girls (staff) and any volunteers will be wearing either shields or masks and we’ll have gloves on. We want them (guests) to feel safe,” Looper said. 

“We are asking that they (guests) wear a mask. They can take it off to eat, but we ask that you please put it back on when you are through eating,” Looper said. She says the guests typically like to socialize, so asking them to wear masks will make those interactions safer for them. 

“We have cleaned too, and we have always been told that our kitchen is one of the cleanest in town,” Looper added.

The staff is hoping to bring back the band from the Woody Guthrie Folk Music Center on Mondays starting in a week or so. 

“Make sure to tell them (our guests) that we miss them and to get their bodies in here,” Teresa said to The Pampa News. 

The Pampa Senior Citizens center offers lunches for $6.25 a plate for members and $7.25 a plate for guests who are not members. On Fridays, whether you are a member or not, plates are $5 each. 

“Our memberships are for people who are 55 and older and it is $12 a year, but you do not have to be a member to eat up here or have meals delivered,” Dalrymple said. 

To see next week’s menu for Pampa Senior Citizens center, see page 10A in this edition of The Pampa News. 

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