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Pampa Physical Therapy: Serving Pampa since 1998


Pampa Physical Therapy has been open at their current location, 2111 N. Hobart St. No. 3415, since 1998, but owner Jodi Roden has worked in physical therapy to some capacity since 1993.

“I started working as an aide in college in 1993 at a rehab hospital,” Roden said. “I graduated from Texas Tech in 1997, then I started working at Pampa Regional Medical Center for about a year before opening Pampa Physical Therapy.”

At Pampa Physical Therapy, Roden and her staff provides relief for a wide variety of ailments.

“We help with back pain, neck pain, shoulder or knee pain,” Roden said. “Basically anything that hurts from head to toe. We also help with rehab after surgeries. Sometimes we help with someone who broke an arm or leg and have been in a cast to build their muscles back up.”

Pampa Physical Therapy also helps with balance and vertigo issues and has seen some infants and children.

Roden said doctors have become more aggressive with getting patients into physical therapy after a surgery.

“When we first started they had us move pretty slowly and patients didn’t get to us until after two or three weeks after surgery,” Roden said. “Now patients will come in a day or two after the surgeries and we get started.”

Roden added the scope of treatments has also increased. 

“Coming out of school we didn’t treat a lot of vertigo but we’ve learned that along the way,” Roden said. “While I don’t personally do acupuncture/dry-needling, a lot of clinics have added that.”

Patients also have more access to physical therapy now after recent changes at the state level.

“In the past you could only come to physical therapy if you had a referral,” Roden said. “Now you can come in without a referral, get an evaluation and begin treatment for 10 days. If the treatment is needed longer than that, then you need to get a referral from a doctor.”

Roden said many of the doctors in Pampa are easy to work with, the challenges just come up when dealing with insurance companies.

“Whether it’s workman’s comp. or regular insurance companies,” Roden said. “They’ll limit the number of visits a patient has even if they have never seen the patient and don’t know the full scope of the injury.”

Pampa Physical Therapy has five members on staff with Roden as the physical therapist and two physical therapist assistants.

Roden enjoys working with the patients and getting them over their ailments.

“It’s very rewarding seeing them improve and get back to where they want to be,” Roden said. 

For more information on Pampa Physical Therapy, give them a call at 806-665-3668.

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