Pregnancy Support Center asks for community support

Monica Galloway pictured in the ultrasound suite of PSC (Photo by Miranda Ellis)

Miranda Ellis

• PSC had to cancel 2 out of their 3 major fundraisers this year due to COVID.

The Pregnancy Support Center and Hope House Maternity Home recently announced that they would be cancelling their 29th Annual Fundraising Banquet for the first time since 1992 due to COVID concerns. This comes on the heels of having to cancel their Walk of Life fundraiser in April, also due to COVID concerns. Executive Director Monica Galloway is disappointed at the missed opportunity to connect with the organization’s supporters.
“We have been doing [this banquet] for many years. It’s a major time to connect with our supporters and to connect with the community to let them know what we’ve been doing and what we have ahead of us, and it gives them the opportunity to give if they want to,” she said.
“We do three fundraisers a year and this is our last one for the year. In January, we do the baby bottles. We give them out to the churches, people fill them with change and give them back to us. It’s usually a good fundraiser that brings in $5,000 to $6,000 a year. And then April is when we usually do our Walk for Life, and that’s when COVID hit, so we were unable to do that.”
The Pregnancy Support Center and Hope House Maternity Home serves women in crisis pregnancy situations and provide free pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, diapers, formula, housewares, furniture and even housing.
“The Hope House is a maternity home for women who are pregnant, and 99 percent of the time, they are homeless. They come in and can have their baby and they can keep their baby or they can place their baby, whichever they choose. We don’t handle adoptions, but we’ll connect them with someone if they choose that,” Galloway said.
“They can stay in the Hope House for a year or more. Our goal is not to just put a time limit, but take each girl and help them get their finances in order, help them to prepare to raise a baby on their own. That means getting a job, saving up money, getting a car, a driver’s license, or whatever their case is. Our goal is to get them where they are sufficiently going to be able to provide for their children on their own.”
Galloway says that two babies were born in the Hope House during the COVID quarantines, and that the women who were residing there during that time have since moved out. It has not re-opened since, and PSC is hoping to re-staff and re-open it tentatively in January with the help of the community.
PSC was also hard-hit for formula when there was none on the shelves at the stores during the COVID quarantines. Galloway says that thanks to private donations, they do have a healthy supply of formula once again and it is available for people who need it. She is asking that people continue to donate needed items like formula, wipes, diapers, housewares and clothing.
Although private donations have kept the center afloat, missing out on two major fundraisers has had its impact. Galloway is also asking the community for monetary donations to be able to continue to provide the free services they do, and to start providing services once again that they had to halt due to COVID.
The Center is also looking for volunteer nurses to help kick-start the free Ultrasound service once again. The nurses are needed to perform the ultrasound itself, which then get sent to Dr. Roten in Borger. PSC will provide sonography training for nurses who would like to volunteer that are not certified already.
If you would like to volunteer or donate, you can call The Pregnancy Support Center at 806-669-2229 or visit their location at 210 N. Ward during regular business hours.

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