Senator Seliger Files Bill Authorizing Tuition Revenue Bonds for Capital Construction Projects at Higher Education Campuses

AUSTIN - Today, State Senator Kel Seliger filed Senate Bill 758 which provides a conservative level of funding to public university systems for construction and renovation projects at Texas college campuses.

“While I wish the legislature could accommodate the over $6.3 billion in construction requests, I believe SB 758 provides a good balance between creating economic stimulation in all parts of the state while also being fiscally responsible and mindful of the current budgetary situation. SB 758 provides $50 million to each higher education system for capital construction projects, chosen at their board’s discretion,” said Seliger.

The filing of SB 758 is timely as the Senate Finance Committee today discussed general academic institution funding for the upcoming biennium. Most legislative appropriation requests submitted by general academic institutions included requests for new capital construction projects.

“With or without budget limitations, universities across this state have needs to accommodate expansion that we, the legislature have asked them to do. It is without a doubt that institutional success directly correlates with local, regional and statewide economic recovery and growth,” Seliger added.

Seliger authored and passed the most recent university capital construction bill in 2015, during the 84th Legislative Session, for 64 construction projects at higher education campuses across the state.

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