As spring approaches, Gray County 4-H projects get underway


Sign-ups are still available for the Gray County 4-H projects that started this month. 

The projects available include money management, interior design/fashion, consumer education and public speaking.

“The fashion/interior design includes the fashion show, duds to dazzle (team contest) and story-board contest,” Gray County Extension Agent Joan Gray-Soria said. “The story-board is pretty cool because they create a story-board like what they do in the fashion and interior design industry. They have an inspiration and they create the presentation board.”

Consumer education is made up of consumer decision-making (judging) and money management.

Public speaking includes educational presentation, persuasive speech and talent contests.

“With public speaking we are teaching youth to organize their thoughts, put together a presentation, write it up and produce the visual aids with it,” Gray-Soria said. “Typically they have to answer questions with their presentation, so they develop interview skills in order to think on their feet.”

The public speaking project also helps students develop skills that have become lost with the advent of text, e-mail and other means from the digital age.

“Being able to present themselves is so important,” Gray-Soria said. “It is a learned skill that comes easier for some, but learning how to present themselves in a public situation is a skill that can be learned.”

Money management is another skill that young people desperately need to learn as they go through their life and become adults.

“We’re looking at the value of money and what their family values,” Gray-Soria said. “How they spend money and what they spend their money on. Setting that budget and learning to manage the money within their budget. We’re talking about savings and developing the savings plan so they can pay themselves first and learn the management technique.”

The project also shows young people how credit cards work and how to be smart in managing credit cards.

“If they can develop good, sound money habits as teens, they have a better chance of success and debt-free when they become adults,” Gray-Soria said.

Gray County 4-H is open for third through 12th grade and is $30/year with some costs associated with the fashion/interior design project. Registration is still open at Go to 4-H online button and they can register. 

Meetings are Thursday through Saturday. 

For more information, call 806-669-8033 or visit their Facebook page.

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