Turning an antique new

Last year, The Pampa News told you about Green Country refurbishing an old Gator tractor for Pampa resident Randy Swires.

Swires has had another antique vehicle refurbished, this time a 1973 Schwinn bicycle by L&L Powder Coating, located at 301 W. Foster.

“It’s actually still got the serial number stamped on it,” Neal Lee, owner of L&L said. “We called Schwinn and Cody (Lee) refurbished it from ground up. He took it all apart, we blasted every piece, including the handle-bar, and went back with new tires and chain.”

Cody, who is a full-time electrician during the day, worked in the evenings and weekends on the project. Finding parts, especially the tires for the bike, was especially difficult.

“I called everywhere in the state of Texas,” Neal said. “I called Amarillo, Lubbock, Dallas and even tried Colorado. I found them online and they had one set.”

Cody added they documented each piece they took apart by taking photos throughout the process.

“We take pictures of everything when we restore things like this,” Cody said. “That way we can go back and reference the pictures. They don’t have blueprints for things like this. They don’t just stamp the molds anymore.”

Neal said the bike, as is before they started, was worth about $600. After all of the refurbishing, it’s now probably around $1,000.

Swires received the bike from his relatives in the Johnson family and said Cody “Did a good job.”

“It was a great project to work on and we appreciate [him] bringing it to us,” Cody said. “It was definitely more enjoyable because he (Swires) was excited for it.”

Swires mother, Gloria, noted that her porch is full of work done by L&L Powder Coating.

“They’ve been a joy to work with,” Gloria said. “They do a beautiful job.”

Gathering all of the parts took roughly three months, but the joy on Swires face last Friday made the wait all the more enjoyable for L&L.

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